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    Smith Shop Logan [3.90]

    Logan has a powerful hero ability costing 4 SE that gives your weapons +1 attack, and lets you kill any ally he deals combat damage to. This can be a very strong ability against fatty allies, but often is insufficient against swarms of smaller minions that have fewer health. This deck attempts to solve some of Logan's problems with ally swarms through using Smith Shop, a 2cc artifact that reduces the cost of all items by 1, in conjunction with a bunch of cheap items that help control the board.

    Hero: Logan Stonebreaker (44 cards)

    Ally (14):
    4x Fuzam, Yari Blademaster
    4x Braxnorian Weaponsmith
    4x Yari Plunderer
    2x Phaedon Barbarian

    Ability (14):
    2x Bad Santa
    4x War Cry
    2x Carnage
    1x Smashing Blow
    4x Blood Frenzy
    1x Mettle of the Warrior

    Item (15):
    2x Smith Shop
    3x Startleshell Vest
    4x Boooomerang
    4x Pithing Spear
    2x Shard of Ithrund

    Deck Code: 1524138B

    Card Choices: This deck uses many cards traditionally found in Logan, such as Fuzam. This ally is very strong on T2 with Pithing Spear on T3 because it means that you can kill an ally with 4 health, and also get a shadow energy from Pithing Spear (which gives you 1SE each time you kill an ally with your hero). Braxnorian Weaponsmith is amazing in this deck because it can search out Pithing Spear or Boooomerang, depending on what you need. Boooomering is a key card of the deck. It allows you to attack through activating its ability, which attacks the opposing ally with the highest cost. It then returns itself to the bottom of the deck. This is amazing in the late game in conjunction with War Cry and Smith Shop, because War Cry allows you to draw a card every time you deal combat damage with your hero. Thus, you can activate Boooomerang, drawing a card from War Cry, and then putting Boooomerang back on the bottom of the deck. You then play your second Boooomerang, activate its ability, and then draw your first Boooomerang from War Cry's ability. For this reason, you should never sac more than 2 Boooomerangs in a game because if it gets to the late game, you'll want to have the potential to set up this combo.

    Here is that combo in action:

    Startleshell Vest is a 2cc armor that deals damage equal to its defense to an ally. It also has +2 defense when your hero takes damage that turn. This combos very well with Blood Frenzy, which lets you draw an extra card per turn at the cost of taking 1 damage each turn. Thus, it deals 3 damage a turn over 2 turns, which is fantastic value, especially when combined with Smith Shop. This card often turns the tides against swarms of mini allies, since many of them have low health already. Mettle of the Warrior is another key card in the deck, even though we only run 1. This card heals you and all your warrior allies for 1 every time you summon weapons, armors, or certain warrior-type cards. Pretty much every card in the deck triggers Mettle, which adds up to a TON of healing. You often heal more than you could by just playing Enrage. Shard of Ithrund is mostly just there because I felt like I was lacking some weapons, and it combos very well with Yari Plunderer because you can pay 1 SE to give it an additional durability, which is mostly relevant against opponents that don't run a lot of allies and you need something else to use your shadow energy on. Finally, Carnage is an underestimated card that gives your allies +1 attack whenever your hero kills something, and also gives your weapon +1 attack when it is first attached. You can even play this on T2 if you have nothing else to play, because this bonus over the course of the game can turn your initially wimpy allies into powerful behemoths. It works particularly well with Phaedon Barbarian, which gets readied when you kill an ally and can help eek out that additional damage needed to close out games.

    How competitive is this deck? I think this is a solid tier 3 deck, which means that this deck is usually something you would bring when the situation calls for it (generally, when the meta is full of fatties). On the other hand, it won't define the meta like a tier 1 deck will, and it can sometimes struggle too much to be considered tier 2. That is underselling it a little bit because Logan is an incredibly potent counter to a lot of the top tier meta that runs fatties, and has a lot more going for him that people give him credit for. That just goes to show that even a hero often considered among the worst heroes in all of shadow era can still be relevant and powerful.
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    Very nice write-up and inventive use of lesser used cards! Iím a big fan of Smith Shop but in Amber. I forget whatís in my deck there but Iím sure it needs refreshing!

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    The war cry boomerang combo is incredible!

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    I like it! I actually was looking at startle shell about a month ago when browsing through my collection.. it dawned on me that itís just strictly better than Shield bash (not that anyone plays shield bash) basically guaranteed, if like you mentioned you have up bloodfrenzy. Worst case scenario itís usually going to be a 2cc bash that soaks one damage, which is pretty solid I estimate. I actually came close to giving it the old college try, but like many if not most of my deck ideas it never moved passed the drawing board. I was interested to see I had the same idea you did, and glad you pulled the trigger on it. I may try out!


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