I think a more standard rush build is still viable for Elad but you have to build it the right way. Although you could just go the Irum route using the Loest list and subbing in Elad. Now in rush, using Seductress and Sinkhole for extra control tools to have more spells available for face damage. Can safely leave the ally that Elad's ability targets on the board since it's frozen for 2 turns and will get finished off by a supernova. Try to use Elad's ability on a fatty. Wait for 5se before using Elad's ability to play Amulet on the same turn. This means turn 5 (or turn 4 if you went second).

Full decklist and YouTube video below!

Hero: Eladwen Frostmire (40 cards)

Ally (12):
4x Kristoffer Wyld
4x Layarian Knight
4x Layarian Seductress

Ability (23):
4x Bad Santa
4x Sinkhole
4x Fireball
4x Lightning Strike
2x Transmogrification Curse
4x Supernova
1x Ley Line Nexus

Item (4):
4x Amulet of Conjuring

Deck Code: 1602888B