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    Raph's Total Recycler (Vess)

    Total Recycler and also Total BullSh#t , LOL

    *Not a beginner's deck*

    I have been playing the basic concept 2 years ago and never made it work well.

    I started replaying again the last 2 weeks and I saw the elegant solution in Champ Beantalk's deck. *Curse of Aldmor*

    So I started testing it again, it has some epic games and Zbane asked for it, so here it is.

    It starts winning around 9 or 10 resources, so be patient. Yes, you will lose a lot too.

    Hero: Vess Swifthands (52 cards)

    Ally (19):
    1x Rapacious Vermin (Cute, usually doesn't live long enough)
    1x Slingblade Demon (The Shadow retreat for your allies, you WANT your allies in your hand OR in graveyard)
    4x Braxnorian Veteran
    4x Yari Marksman
    1x Towering Brute (Lance / Haste Killer)
    1x Aldmor Scavenger (Only 1 purpose, She is the key to the recycling: keep crypt on board)
    2x Yari Plunderer
    2x Shadow Knight
    1x Furrion Terror (Similar reason to Slingblade, to kill your own allies, much better than evil ascendant)
    1x Forgotten Horror
    1x Brakkong, Menace of Thriss

    Ability (23):
    4x Crippling Blow
    2x Curse of the Aldmor
    4x Blood Frenzy
    1x Lythite Coating
    1x Enrage
    3x Rampage
    1x Mettle of the Warrior
    4x Enslave the Beast
    4x Confluence of Fate
    1x Widespread Decay (For Black Market) (Please don't kill your own crypt unless you can bring it back via Scavenger)

    Item (7):
    1x Arthyle's Crypt (Very key)
    1x Spectral Sabre (Shriek of revulsion would work too, this is the only card that I ponder over)
    2x Gemstone Javelin
    2x Dragon's Tooth
    1x Rothem's Visage (Your late game winner since Vess don't need much SE in very late game, just sac it (also sac Lyt Coat) if you don't get it as a combo in early game. Visage is cute but not crucial to win)


    Yes, some cards may seem like having 2 copies makes more sense but it will also make the deck too big. You will want to get the classic BF/Confluence/Rampage/Enrage combo by t3/4. Your own call.

    This is technically a lock deck and not a stall deck. Once the lock is placed in, some heroes cannot win at all.

    The lock:

    Rampage/Abundant draw
    Recycling of Scavenger and Crypt (SKs helps out too)
    Your opponent's allies keeps getting killed regardless how many he puts out
    Vs weapon-based heroes: Rothem Visage + Lyt coat shuts them down. just keep recycling your allies and smash them into your opponent's weapon.

    Suggestions for good cards to make the deck better is much appreciated!

    Edit: Total 3 Rampage now. Works better.
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