Decided to try making my own fat ally Priest deck.

The last ones listed in deck diversity are from about 2 years ago for Jericho and Zhanna.

Name based on Gabriel Iglesias joke.

Hero: Jericho Spellbane (40 cards)

Ally (15):
2x Devoted Lightbearer
4x Devoted Knight
1x General of Unaxio
2x Knight of the Crimson Dusk
1x Karlstrad, Ruler of Gaderi
2x Viska, The Scarlet Blade
1x Nathanias, People's Champion
1x Void Wretch
1x Kion the Magnificent

Ability (14):
1x For Unaxio!
4x Forgiveness
1x Lingering Essence
4x Focused Prayer
1x Resurrection
3x Tidal Wave

Item (7):
1x Ascendant of the Hero
4x Wizent's Staff
2x The King's Pride

Location (3):
3x Anmor: Garina Road

Deck Code: 793945B