Second deck on Project Kite. This time I build the traditional attachment priest and take on a control approach.

The deck goes a bit large but has a lot of draws and attachment options. The main idea is synergizing Templar 2cc allies with attachments and Kite of Divine Might. I would explain the card choices below.

First of all, the decklist:

Hero: Jericho Spellbane (60 cards)

Ally (18):
4x Zealous Mystic
4x Unaxio Squire
4x Zailen Scholar
4x Templar Adventist
2x Adlard the Just

Ability (34):
2x For Unaxio!
2x Strength of Conviction
4x Spirit of Devotion
4x Divine Connection
2x Arada Jewels
3x Safe Return
3x Focused Prayer
2x Treasured Heirloom
4x Zail's Hymn
4x Confluence of Fate
4x Tidal Wave

Item (8):
4x Wizent's Staff
4x Kite of Divine Might

Deck Code: 1175930B

Card choices:


Zealous Mystic, Zailen Scholar and Templar Adventist are the standard ally choice for attachment priest and combo with Kite of Divine Might, hence 4 copies.

Unaxio Squire is picked over Avenger of the Fallen as it has no condition to activate its ability and it does not rely on attachments that much. It is good playing alone and attachments are a bonus on it.

Adlard the Just is for some late game healing to buy you a few turns to finish off your opponent.


I would classify attachments into 2 types: attack and defense type. Attack type means buffing your allies whilst defense type means control cards, damage reduction and draw. You need a mixture of those to make the deck works but the ratio is important. In a standard attachment priest, I would lean on the attack type; but for a control deck, I would use more of the defense type. Besides, Kite provides a second damage source so making your allies to survive is more important than boosting their attack.

Based on the above criteria, Spirit of Devotion and Zail's Hymn are 4 copies. Safe Return is also very useful but I donít want to draw it that much, so 3 copies. Treasured Heirloom is a weaker version of Spirit of Devotion but still a good alternative draw, hence 2 copies. For Unaxio!, Strength of Conviction and Arada Jewels are the attack type, hence 2 copies.

Divine Connection and Confluence of Fate are the staple of attachment priest, hence 4 copies. If you play a standard attachment priest, I think 2 copies of Divine Connection would be fine and I would replace Treasured Heirloom with Sacred Fire Walker. Sacred Fire Walker is a scary combo with Kite of Divine Might. Anything that wants to touch your allies needs to take 4 damages first.

Lingering Essence and Embers of the Just combo is not used here as the chance of drawing both is low. You would need General of Unaxio to get the combo but its ability is not so good even after the buff as you need no attachment to activate the draw. Therefore I picked Adlard the Just for healing and extra damages.

Other cards to consider:

Tome of Blessings and Book of Curses are all pretty good. Treasured Heirloom can be replaced by either one of them if you find you have enough draw.

Resurrection would be added if this deck is being taken to a tournament. Otherwise you rarely got milled off and can focus on a 60 cards deck.

I am working on a 40 card version. It could be quite tricky as the deck has many good cards and you need to sacrifice some of them. Feel free to post your ideas here and discuss.