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    Question Net Trap turn bug too powerful?

    Been wondering for some time so today when I played vs a Viktor, I paid attention.

    Elementalis vs AI Viktor Campaign 1-8 between 9 AM and 9:30 AM EST today 9-9-2020

    Elementalis Turn 5 - my Stardust Ampliflyer gets caught in 1 of 2 Net Traps AI Viktor had out. I presume this counts as one of the three turns mentioned on the Trap it will be disabled.

    Elementalis Turn 6 - I check my disabled Apliflyer, it still shows 3 turns of disabled when I expect it to be 2.

    I think Net Trap is bugged to not count the turn it applies the disabled on target. Other cards like Poison Arrow, Freezing Grip, etc. do not do this, they count the turn Crowd Control is applied.
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    Idk if this is correct but I think it takes the first turn as the first turn you can attack and usually allies can't attack the turn they are summoned (being haste as an exception). If you see it that way, it makes some kind of sense. Probably I'm talking crap but wouldn't be the first weird rule application nor the last.

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    Net Trap turn bug too powerful?

    X turns means X whole turns. As it came on during the turn, that’s not a whole turn. I suppose you could think of “X turns” as “X more turns”. This meaning should be consistent across all cards - I fixed up Net Trap back in the day as it was only doing 2 whole turns.

    As you play Poison Arrow and Freezing Grip in your turn, they are on for the whole of the opponent’s turn.

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