Hey everyone.. This game is still fun after taking a break nice to see balance changes and waiting for new cards.. I fell that Rothem is least played hero so Messing around witch this build aldamors great in this deck because Rothem hero power just sucks.. So using shadow energy other ways.. Lots of control and card draw .. Not so many Item destruction fell free to change if u like .. But highly recommend to give it a try if u are bored and want to play smth off meta.. Big deck just outplays slower decks.. But suffer from fast decks but Can come back after early game.. All in all liking this deck a lot.. If u looking to lvl up Your Rothem this deck is good choice current rating 250 so reasonably fine deck for ranked
Hero: Rothem, King of Layar (80 cards)

Ally (29):
4x Aldmor Interceptor
4x Darklight Apprentice
4x Aldmor Artisan
4x Aldmor Scout
4x Yari Marksman
4x Aldmor Chieftan
4x Yari Plunderer
1x Darklight Timelord

Ability (29):
4x Lythian Shackles
4x Crippling Blow
2x Smashing Blow
4x Blood Frenzy
4x Here Be Monsters
1x Shriek of Revulsion
3x Rest for the Weary
1x Enrage
1x Rampage
1x Mettle of the Warrior
4x Confluence of Fate

Item (17):
1x Clockwork Soldier
1x Disruptor Field
1x Rejuvenation Pod
1x Shadow Cannon
4x Gemstone Javelin
4x Reserve Weapon
4x Dragon's Tooth
1x The King's Pride

Location (4):
4x Yahari: Valley of Doom

Deck Code: 1847458B