Some LL cards weren't set up for the autolinker, so this post is here to test them out...

Vigilant Wisp
Entangled Wisp
Unaxio Squire
Unaxio Bannerman
Sabreen, Hand of Unaxio
General of Unaxio
Twilight Shepherdess
Twilight Luminary
Twilight Orphic
Avatar of Twilight
Kallista, Twilight Matriarch
Flame Spitter
Sword Gobbler
Caged Savage
Towering Brute
Hellfire Besieger
Brakkong, Menace of Thriss
Kiruth Devotee
Forgotten Horror
Wulven Traitor
Wildfang, Wulven Renegade
Barrenland Gremlin
Eternal Troll
Armored Packbeast
Void Wretch
Child of Aldmor
Aldmor Interceptor
Darklight Apprentice
Aldmor Artisan
Aldmor Scout
Aldmor Sentry
Aldmor Chieftan
Aldmor Scavenger
Ancient of Aldmor
Aldmor Sharpshooter
Aldmor Vanquisher
Dauntless of Aldmor
Chaos Engine
War Cry
Battle Charge
Flurry of Blows
Braxnorian Weaponsmith
Yari Plunderer
War Giant
Fuzam, Yari Blademaster
Nanaya, Yari Conqueror
Disarming Personality
Leash of Life
Living Ice Wall
Tempest Runebearer
Suspended Animation
Isadora Stormrage
Lilyt of Orem
Rain of Arrows
Krugal Lookout
Krugal Trapper
Hunting Party
Camouflaged Foe
Krugal Butcher
Double Back
Krugal Braggart
Krugal Quickshot
Zailen Scholar
Sacred Martyr
Templar Adventist
Safe Return
Blessed Charge
Vera, High Priestess
Ergon, Grand Inquisitor
Knight of the Crimson Dusk
Adlard the Just
Grave Robber
Covert Operative
Rabble Rouser
Master of Disguise
Dhalia Blackrose
Disguise Kit
Black Market
Daylight Robbery
Jace Mortlock
Dark Infiltrator
Wulven Prophet
Wulven Tinker
Wulven Slaver
Gut-wrenching Roar
Torn Apart
Crusher of the Weak
Insolent Pup
Eye of the Dark Forest
Den Mother
Stardust Descender
Stardust Transfuser
Stardust Actualizer
Regression Chamber
Power Surge
Axiom the Soulless
Spirit of Devotion
Scriptures of the Departed
Moment of Acquiescence
Dazzling Bravery
Inspiring Fellowship
Unyielding Light
Relentless Savagery
Tar-written Scroll
Thriss Crucible
Gruesome Brutality
Burning Hatred
Surging Darkness
Spontaneous Growth
Rest for the Weary
Clockwork Soldier
Disruptor Field
Rejuvenation Pod
Shadow Cannon
Aldmor Conflux
Stun Turret
Distortion Harness
Amethyst Reverie
Engineer's Harness
Spiked Shield
Kite of Divine Might
Pathfinder's Machete
Shard of Ithrund
Heavy Ballista
Gemstone Javelin
Life-infusing Scepter
Lorhon: Twilight Encampment
Sosilo: Brothers' Landing
Anmor: Garina Road
Irum: Lightning Quarry
Gaderi: Braxno Citadel
The Wilds: Trading Port
Racksul: Warped Desert
Arthyle's Pass: Dead Man's Breach
Yahari: Valley of Doom
Lyth: Kristan's Ridge
Ravenscrest: Valley of Secrets
Shold: Tempest Gorge
Oldros: Infested Swampland
Tisay: Volcanic Springs
Kiruth: Thaddeus' Vault
Asyn: Mount Kazarr
Lakmire: Training Outpost
Rankett: Proving Grounds