v3.89 - August 19, 2020
Android .apk

- Multi-target cards such as Zaladar's ability now stay in the casting position rather than returning to the board after the first target
- Accelerate now moves out of the way when it is doing its effect
- Praxix now stays in the cast position as the effect is done, not keep returning to the board and popping up
- The number indicating the unread chat messages looked uncentered in the circle

- Old sound effects like Fireball can still be heard with sounds off
- Sound volume setting didn't apply to the battle start sound until the game was restarted
- Input focus was lost when typing messages during a game
- ex017 Twisted Familiar and attached ex118 Flesh Infusion would remain on the board with 0 health after using its ability
- ex094 Antimatter drew 2 cards but then you didn't have to discard 1
- sf184 Griffoncrest Dagger effect was not triggering immediately, eg with enter combat damage
- ll098 Black Market could be cast for 0cc when it was stolen
- ll162 Amethyst Reverie was protecting your allies from your own Tidal Wave and Supernova