Game between HaveFunPlaying vs Poohandpals

On turn 11, Opponent have Leash of Life and Thunderstrike Golem adjacent to Hero on board. I played Justicar Alysia and attached Blessed Charge to her. Then I used Jericho Spellbane ability to destroy Blessed Charge. Golem took the 3 damage.

Based on previous thread clarification "Leash of Life vs Embers arcane ability damage", Golem should be immune to ability damage from an enemy attachments since Leash is on board even if the attachment is not attached to Golem as long as it is an enemy attachment.

Now that this have happend, I would like to further my query.

If I destroy Zail's Hymm on an enemy ally(adjacent to Hero) while Leash of Life is board, will the ally go back into deck or immune?

If I attack the same enemy ally with Aura of Retribution while Leash is on board, will it take the 2 ability damage? (Or any other attachments with ability damage such as Flesh Infusion or Blackened Heart)

Also, what about weapons attachments such as the extra damage from Aimed Shot & the poison damage from Sorcerous Poison.

Hope can get some clarification. Appreciate it.

By the way, great update and keep up the good work. Thank you.