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    [RS Seadog] Control Logan

    I started off building this deck based on Bean’s Vess and plotted a similar idea on Logan.

    Despite that it is not as tempo efficient as Vess, Logan is pretty playable and has a decent win rate in a slow meta.

    I believe this is the best form of Logan in the current card pool.

    Hero: Logan Stonebreaker

    Allies (14):
    4x Braxnorian Weaponsmith
    4x Yari Marksman
    4x Yari Plunderer
    2x Nanaya, Yari Conqueror

    Abilities (21):
    4x Crippling Blow
    2x Bad Santa
    2x Killing Spree
    4x War Cry
    2x Smashing Blow
    4x Blood Frenzy
    1x Enrage
    1x Rampage
    1x Mettle of the Warrior

    Items (14):
    1x Boooomerang
    4x Pithing Spear
    1x Spectral Sabre
    4x Helm of Saymeht
    4x Gemstone Javelin

    = 50 cards

    The deck plays as a semi-solo deck which uses constant damages from weapons to chip off opponent health, whilst maintaining the board under control.

    Your allies are supporting units to your strategy. They provide draw, resurrection and buff to your weapons and absorb damages to your hero.

    There are 10 weapons in the deck for different purposes. Pithing Spear is your major weapon for SE boost. Gemstone Javelin makes the one-for-two shot which has a big swing on board. Spectral Sabre is mainly for attachment removal but also serves as an emergency back up weapon. Boooomerang provides an additional kill on the turn you activate Logan’s ability and also an infinite recurrent card to avoid decking out.

    The deck has 10 draw cards, on top of semi-draw cards like Braxnorian Weaponsmith and Helm of Saymeht. Blood Frenzy is obviously the main draw engine of the deck, together with War Cry which can activate a lot of times with this deck. Bad Santa serves as the back up draw in case you run out of steam.

    The deck has an excellent recurring ability, thanks to Yari Plunderer and Helm of Saymeht. Helm of Saymeht is particularly scary when it combos with Gemstone Javelin, with Nanaya, Yari Conqueror and Killing Spree just doubles the pain.

    The 3 heal cards Enrage, Rampage and Mettle of the Warrior are incredible to drag the game long enough until you win.

    The playstyle of this deck is control. Setup your draw engine and get weapons out in early game whilst absorbing damages with allies. Play defensive until you control the board and win in total dominance.
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    How the fuck 13k views would like to try Your deck but too lazy to put cards manually cmon man its 2020 maybe


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