Balor GP 2: A Journey Through the Era’s

Circuit Format

  • 3 Preliminary qualifier events
  • Players earn points by winning matches and placing in the preliminary events
  • Top 8 point scorers at the end of the preliminary circuit will be invited to play in an invitational Grand Finals
  • The winner of each preliminary will be granted a commemorative sleeve (TBD)
  • The winner of the Grand Finals will be granted a one of a kind sleeve (TBD), and a direct entry into the WC 2021 Grand Finals taking place in february.
  • As this is a Pro Tour 2020 event, all relevant cash prizes will be awarded for the Grand Finals of the GP.
  • Pro tour points will be awarded for preliminary events based on player count.

Preliminary Event Format

  • Each preliminary will be a single knockout Bo3 Conquest style event
  • Players will be required to submit 3 decks.
  • At the beginning of each round, players will choose one hero from their opponents pool to ban.
  • Players must win 1 game with each of their remaining heroes, when a win has been achieved, the hero that was used must not be used for the remainder of the round.
  • Losing players may switch to their other remaining deck only if that deck is available.
  • Losing players decide who plays first in the next game of the round.
  • Disconnecting from a game will result in a game loss for the disconnecting player, unless otherwise agreed by both players and the TO.
  • Draws and sync errors are to be replayed.
  • Playing a deck that you have not registered, or one that has been banned for the round, will result in a game loss for the first time, and match loss thereafter.

Each preliminary will be subject to the following set restrictions in order to represent different ‘era’s’ of shadow era:

Event 1: Call of the Crystals only
Event 2: Call of the Crystals + Dark Prophecies
Event 3: Call of the Crystals + Dark Prophecies + Shattered Fates

All heroes will be legal alongside cards from the campaign set for all events, no restrictions will be in place for the Grand Finals invitational.

Grand Finals format will be the same as preliminary, but with a double elimination bracket in place of the single knockout style event.