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    SET Black Lotus' Special Decklist - Garth Ravensoul (Aggressive Stealth Supporters)

    Welcome all to yet another take on the Ravenscrest Series.

    This has got to be one of my most favorites yet!

    Rogues have always been about speed and cunning yet very often we associate them with control.

    Well fear not for today I will demonstrate the true velocity that Garth can have!

    GRASS : Garth Ravensoul Aggressive Stealth Supporters

    Let's look at the decklist :

    Hero: Garth Ravensoul (40 cards)

    Ally (19):
    4x Kristoffer Wyld
    4x Grave Robber
    2x Covert Operative
    3x Aldon the Brave
    4x Tenacious Buccaneer
    2x Master of Disguise

    Ability (16):
    2x Moment of Acquiescence
    4x Bad Santa
    2x By The Sword
    4x Reconnaissance
    4x Lay Low

    Location (4):
    4x Ravenscrest: Valley of Secrets

    Deck Code: 1183625B

    Instructions and Tips :

    This deck is all about the rush and the speed and the ambush and the... Wait... I lost my breath trying to catch up with the speed thuis deck is going. (It's a lot faster than Shard Zal and easier to setup)

    The main goal of this deck is to throw out allies and use Bad Santa to refill while overwhelming the board as fast as possible so that you can abuse the hell out of your amazingly ridiculous Rogue Support cards!

    Some notable combos to be aware of :

    Kristoffer Wyld + Covert Operative (Free extra damage and an extra body for you)
    Grave Robber + Tenacious Buccaneer (make sure to have a valid target in the opponent's graveyard to maximize the value)
    Grave Robber + Master of Disguise (make sure to have a valid target in the opponent's graveyard to maximize the value)

    Right... Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's have a look at the supportive aspect of the deck :

    This deck features a total of 12 support cards, which is for me an ideal number.

    1. Moment of Acquiescence :

    This card is an all-star for any human supporters deck.

    It can reduce the pain of First Turn Advantages so much if we don't have Ravenscrest in our starting hand by opening another slot in case the opponent uses a Bad Santa on Turn 2.

    It is also great card advantage as for 0cc on the span of 3 turns, you would net 2 cards from this card along with Ravenscrest.

    It can also be great for shutting down beefy allies that might need more than a single attack to take it down, or can be used at a stall in the mid-late game against fatties.

    2. Reconnaissance :

    This card brightens my day.

    With the location, it would be a 2cc draw 2 cards and provide a +1 attack buff to your allies while gaining information of your opponent's hand. What a value!

    This card is one of the finishers of the deck.

    3. Lay Low :

    Another beautiful buffer card, and i believe the best one of all the support cards.

    This card might not draw an extra card like Reconnaissance does, but it sure does give a lot more durability to your allies that need to protect themselves from opposing attacks, hence the ambush and stealth, which I definitely believe is the only reason why this deck goes faster than Shard Zal.

    4. By The Sword :

    A card that can really help provide the buff and durability it needs against direct damaging heroes such as mage and elemental abilities. It's a premium early game card.

    All in all, the damage adds up to tremendous amount!

    Conclusion :

    I hope this deck provides you with some uniqueness and could be really nice and fun to play outside of the typical conventional decks.

    I sure as hell hope to have given you a new light to playing Rogues in general!

    May you all have fun spamming and having fun looking at the speed and uniqueness of yet another lovely Black Lotus Special!

    - Kevin
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    Great thx a lot black lotus!
    The shadows of the past will haunt you... dont let them get you down.
    No matter how hard you can beat, life will beat you harder.
    Its not about how hard you can beat, its all about how often you can get up!!

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