So I have been slowly doing these Easy ones with starting decks to see the NPE and this was the first one where I felt the starting deck had no chance of winning, I had to switch to a custom deck just to progress.

Match starts with Ter Adun having a War Banner and Carniboar on board, Gwen does not have anything no Corrupted Angel or other card out.

Her 2cc are Dirk, Puwen and Blake who will all die to the 3/2 Carniboar on board so may as well not play them. Maybe you get one shot in with a 3cc Jasmine, Aldon or Zoe but by T5 the T4 Great Bear is out and will most likely kill yours.

You cannot even think of dropping a weapon, all you have are Old Iron Daggers and Soul Seeker, get one use out of it then poof Ter says goodbye to it.

While you are being denied early cards on board those early Carniboar drops are beating you down quite well at 3 damage a shot.

Starting Gwen deck does not really have item removal except 1 Shrine of Negatia and other cards you have are really dead cards in this match.