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    TJ dubdub - Irum Loest

    This deck has been posted a few times for a few tourneys, but I figured I'd do a small write up on it since it's been so great for me so far.

    First, the list:

    Hero: Loest, Savior of Layar (42 cards)

    Ally (7):
    2x Aldmor Artisan
    3x Tempest Runebearer
    2x Isadora Stormrage

    Ability (22):
    3x Bad Santa
    2x Sinkhole
    4x Fireball
    4x Lightning Strike
    2x Transmogrification Curse
    4x Shadowbolt
    2x Supernova
    1x Ley Line Nexus

    Item (8):
    2x Loom of Fate
    2x Pathfinder's Machete
    4x Amulet of Conjuring

    Location (4):
    4x Irum: Lightning Quarry

    Deck Code: 754376C

    Deck accomplishments:
    1st Creativity Zero (Pro Tour Event)
    1st Versatility (Pro Tour Event)
    2nd score leaderboard January
    1st score leaderboard February

    This deck is an adaptation of the irum nishaven build that A1 jota and others played a lot last year. It did powerful things, but seemed more reliant on irum since the hero ability isnt very good on it's own, as well as being a more aggressive and less flexible deck. I also wanted to find a way to use Isadora with irum, since the extra resources can be more valuable than leash of life that is used in some Gravebone decks with her. She's ended up being a tool for the deck rather than the focus though.

    Loest helps give you a chance in the bad match ups for the deck. Weapons are a big issue, and his ability is a clean answer to them. He also can remove opponents draw engines which helps you get way ahead on cards.

    The 2 main reasons to play this deck are amulet and irum together. Irum does a fantastic job of offsetting the downside that amulet has, while helping you be able to use all the extra cards to draw.

    Machete is from the original nishaven deck. I have less of them because my playstyle is more control oriented than the way nishaven plays. It's still a great card that gives you 8 damage for 3cc and the stealth removal comes up occasionally.

    Lightning strike and shadowbolt are the electric control cards. Strike is pretty common in most burn related mages. With irum it can net you 2 resources which can be cool at times. Bolt is amazing for this deck. It is usually 1cc for 5 damage or more and 1 shadow energy. The shadow energy is very helpful as well since the sustain on amulet can keep you under 5.

    Fireball and Supernova are self explanatory. Only 2 nova since I found myself sacrificing it a lot and being too low on health to use it effectively.

    The Runebearer/Artisan split is what I ended up at after testing several different options. Rune is better in most cases, but artisan helps find amulet occassionally and reduces the cost.

    Isadora is just a finisher basically. With her in play it's easy to do around 20 damage in a turn with only 6 resources. I try not to force her too often. I play her if the opponent doesnt have a good answer or if it is expensive or if I think she will stick.

    Sinkhole and Trans Curse are just to help in certain problematic situations. Sink helps stop an early rush or exile a buffed up elementalis or attachment priest ally. Curse is the best answer to Kion and also helps vs priest by stopping the heal from crimson knight.

    Santa and loom are just extra draw to help find amulet. Loom is better early and Santa is better late. Not an exact science on the split, but I like 5 combined. Santa does trigger Isadora which is nice sometimes.

    The main piece of advice I have is to not try to play this like a rush mage. Games can tend to go longer than with other mages, and you are usually in the control role. Answer their allies and draw toward your burn. Eventually you should have enough to kill them.

    I do occasionally sac too much burn in some games and then cant finish out the game. So try to be aware of how much damage you have left and if you have to stick an Isadora or other ally to be able to close it out.

    Be very conservative with the hero ability. Against heroes with spell eaters for example it's your best answer to them. So save it for them if possible. The 1 LLN can save you sometimes but you have to find it.

    Something I've tested a little is moment of acquiescence. Not sure how I feel about it yet but I think it has potential with this amount of draw.

    That's pretty much it. Let me know if you have any questions
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    Congrats on your achievements! I had struggles to play irum loest before. Deck definitely requires a higher skill cap. I often run out of burn cards either by saccing too much or clearing allies. Nice write up on how to pilot it properly.

    Expecting a mage meta to come. Time to bring out my weapon heros
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    Hmm...seem overpowered

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    Well, might as well share this stuff while we can. It should be tended to. Hopefully sooner rather than later. But hey, everyone should have a chance to play Op decks
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