Preamble (ramble) This is a fun little deck which features two sets of locations in combination with surging darkness (+1 SE for each shadow ally, draw a card for each location you control). This deck does all sorts of unique stuff that will almost certainly have your opponents head scratching and quite possibly yours as well. I DO NOT recommend this deck for beginners as itís probably one of the most complex unholy abominations Iíve ever had the pleasure and audacity of creating. I still manage to mismanage this thing all the time as the avenues of play are sometimes seemingly limitless.

WHAT ITíS ABOUT The main synergy of this deck revolves around the undead tribe, graveyard / resurrection shenanigans, and you guessed it, ice damage. I took what was strictly an undead build and blended it with ice damage synergy as ice damage allies are abundant in the undead archetype.

The way this is done is via the locations: kiruths vault, and Lyth kristans ridge. The vault letís you renew 3cc whenever an undead ally leaves the graveyard. This is achieved In many different ways some are obvious (shadow knight) some are not so much (sacrificial lamb on cryptspawn tormentor, having derkan die on your turn while itís your only ally... using kiruth devotees ability on an ally you control and then having it die.. necro shroud etc. This letís you manipulate resources and make Bobby big plays.

The second synergy is pretty straightforward, you use kristans ridge with ice damage allies allowing you blast the enemy kun to pieces. Kristans ridge and kiruth devotee in particular combine quite nicely to allow you to steal opposing allies as early as turn 3.

The last interesting facet is surging darkness, which can be downright disgusting.. sometimes you get to draw 2-3 cards and gain 3,4 6? A lot of shadow energy for just 3cc. OPOP. it fits like a glove with moonstalkers play style of hiding allies until youíve amassed an overwhelming board.

Speaking of overwhelm.. the last piece of the pie is: overwhelm. This is your comeback mechanic and big pay off, allowing you to nuke not only the opponents entire board, but also face. And then you swing in with the boys GG.

And thatís pretty much the deck, hope you like it (playing it that is god forbid you are vs) as much as I did. Cheers

Hero: Moonstalker (60 cards)

Ally (28):
3x Frostmare
3x Harbinger of the Lost
4x Kiruth Devotee
3x Death Mage Thaddeus
2x Death Collector
4x Cryptspawn Tormentor
2x Gravemonger
2x Der'kan, the Bone King
3x Shadow Knight
2x Forgotten Horror

Ability (14):
1x Grave Resistance
3x Sacrificial Lamb
1x Bad Santa
4x Blood Moon
3x Surging Darkness
2x Overwhelm

Item (10):
2x Tombstone Beacon
4x Necromancer's Shroud
2x Wrath of the Forest
2x Gromm's Axe

Location (7):
4x Lyth: Kristan's Ridge
3x Kiruth: Thaddeus' Vault

Deck Code: 1045965B