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    Wink Need help for my Elementalis deck

    I'm quite new to the game so I never expected it to be that good but... here it is, my first deck I've built on my own

    I would love advice on this deck, it's fairly... okay, but, not that good.

    Hero: Elementalis (42 cards)

    Ally (21):
    3x Frostmare
    4x Stardust Transfuser
    3x Rampant Krygon
    4x Grimghast
    3x Voracious Arachnid
    2x Io Void Leviathan
    2x Stardust Ampliflyer

    Ability (20):
    2x Life Infusion
    2x Sacrificial Lamb
    4x Bad Santa
    3x Permeate
    4x Shadow Font
    3x Mind Control
    2x Exaltation

    Deck Code: 574136B

    Also... any ideas on what items I could use, I couldn't think of any... I would also like to slim the Deck down.
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    Welcome! Always nice to see a new player.

    I have mostly played a very different version of Elementalis (all allies except for 4x of the item Meat Wagon), but there are some changes I would suggest for what you got so far.

    1. Remove Frostmare and Krygon. Krygon I suppose you could keep, but Frostmare usually isn't a very Elementalis-type ally. Both are generally more suited to Zaladar decks with Shard of Power (an item that you definitely don't want to use in Elementalis). I'd suggest Ironhide Karash and Infernal Gargoyle as possible options (a bit more suited to the Ele theme of getting allies that can stick on the board).

    2. -1 Grimghast. I personally never like to have 4x of any Unique ally.

    3. Io Void Leviathan is a neat card, but isn't really reliable here, as you only have 2 ways to trigger it. Maybe put in an extra Ampliflyer.

    4. Life Infusion is just a bad card. Not needed.

    5. Not entirely sure you need 4x of Shadow Font. Ele generally isn't as needy on that to reset his ability as compared to Zaladar or Praxix. Maybe 2 at most, although I can't say I've seen any othere Ele decks really using it.

    6. Could always add in an extra Mind Control.

    7. A couple of Ley Line Nexus might be useful if you have trouble with opposing items.

    8. An item you could use is Gold-laced Shield. Combined with Ele's ability it can give you some extra draw power.

    9. As for slimming the deck down, while I'm not sure how my suggested changes would end up changing the deck size, what you have is actually pretty good already. 41 + hero is a good size, and you can't go much lower anyway, as the minimum is 39 + hero.

    Hopefully this is a start. Others a much more pro at deck building than I am, but this should help somewhat. But also just keep practicing to find what does and doesn't work, and even watch other peoples matches to get ideas.

    Good luck and welcome once again.
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