Today I would like to present my unique take on Ter Adun.

It works like a charm and hope you will be able to see it for yourself as well.

Let's look at the decklist :

Hero: Ter Adun (40 cards)

Ally (8):
4x Spitfire Hound
4x Ravager Zealot

Ability (17):
4x Grave Resistance
2x Valiant Defender
4x Bad Santa
2x Battle Hardened
2x Higher Ground
3x Bloodlust

Item (10):
4x Chaos Engine
2x Thriss Assault Plinth
4x Thriss Crucible

Location (4):
4x Ravenscrest: Valley of Secrets

Deck Code: 1324032B

Instructions and Tips :

The goal of this deck is to establish a stable flow of card draw and SE advantage.

There are 2 combo pieces that you'll always want in play:

Ravenscrest and Chaos Engine.

These cards will be crucial for your comboing.

If you have the First Turn Advantage, make sure to have Bad Santa in hand as well, as it will net you 3 free cards with the fact that you can play out your location as early as T1.

An example of an ideal turn with FTA :

T1 -
T2 - Ravenscrest, any 2cc support card that is not Battle Hardened, Grave Resistance, followed by Bad Santa. (The reason for doing this is to establish a few abilities on board to act as enablers for your Spitfire Hound and Ravager Zealots)
T3 - It can differ depending on the board state and situation. This deck is extremely flexible with plays, which is why I believe this deck is one of the best, but one of the most difficult decks to pilot so please take your time to get used to it.

Some possible T3 :
Thriss Crucible
Thriss Assault Plint
A combination of Support cards and allies including GR.

Also, if you don't have FTA, your situation will be very different. Your main priority is to establish Chaos Engine before beginning to use your enabling cards to destroy your abilities, unless it's absolutely important (such as using Spitfire Hound and Grave Resistance to kill a T2 ally which on most cases are rare because you would prefer having Chaos Engine out to net that card and SE advantage.

Another important thing to note is knowing your opponent's class well.

Against Rogues and Priest, be sure to hold that 2nd copy of Chaos Engine because they will most likely have removal for it.

This deck will take forever to explain but I hope from playing around with it, you will start to make the connections yourself.

The cards itself is really bad, but together they synergise like an army of ants, working together to assemble to kill the enemy.

Some synergies to take note of :

Battle Hardened + Higher Ground :
Together they provide 2 draws, and +1 attack buff for a total of 1cc.

Location + all support abilities + Chaos Engine + Allies :

Notably Grave Resistance the best of them all because that would mean Grave Resistance would be 0cc to draw a card, renew 1cc, and have an outlet for your enabling allies, which will also be worth destroying when Chaos Engine is in play to draw a card and gain one SE.

It's really ridiculous how fast and chaotic this deck can become, swinging at over 21 to 28 damage in a single turn with the right setup, making it an OTK deck as well.

I hope this deck gives you some inspiration instead of playing those boring meta decks that have repetitive playstyles.

Good luck!

Also, I wrote a brief history about it just below

History :

This deck is a special combo deck that I personally experimented since March 2020.

I was getting really bored of playing mages in general and didn't like that games in Shadow Era were slow and combos didn't really excite me, so I started to look around in the merchant for inspiration of more explosive cards.

And then it hit me... Ravenscrest... Such a beautiful location card.

I started to do everything to make Supporters work. I tried playing it in Tala decks with Moment of Acquiesce, but it was too inconsistent and my deck wouldn't last long enough... I kept trying and trying, but it didn't help. So I started looking through more cards... And then I saw Chaos Engine. Wow... It says abilities as well! Marvelous!

And thus my deck creation started to form itself and after lots of looking around for synergies, my Ter came to life.