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    SET Presents The Draft

    1. Sign up on thread only deadline for sign ups will are closed and the draft will be may 3 at 1300 gmt 0

    2. All players will be entered into a random pool

    3. The players whose seeds are 1,6,11,16,21,26,31etc will be elected as captains this bracket will only be for selecting the captains we will do another bracket with the teams for matches which will be randomize again

    4. All captains will meet and we will conduct a snake draft of the remaining players with seed 1 picking first in round 1 and the last seed picking first in round 2 rounds 3 and 4 will mirror rounds 1 and 2 till all players are drafted by a team(hopefully it will be even if not we may have to adjust the captains)

    5. After teams have been determined the captains will than pick a pool of heroes(5 different heroes) to be used for the whole tournament for their respective teams(players may swap heroes per round but can only use heroes from their team's hero pool and all heroes must be played usage of a hero by 2 members in the same round of the same team will result in the loss of that best of 3 match and the opposing team eliminating a hero from the opposing teams hero pool)

    6. Matches will be played as follows

    Team A Vs Team B
    Team cap vs team cap
    Round 1 selection vs round 1 selection
    Round 2 selection vs round 2 selection
    Round 3 selection vs round 3 selection
    Round 4 selection vs round 4 selection

    Each playing a best of 3 with deck lock per round and the team with the most best of 3 wins will advance to the next round

    7. Best of 3 will be random start game 1 and game 2-3 the loser will decide the starting order

    8. If a player is disconnected in the middle of a game it will be counted unless both players agree to replay

    9. If a sync error or a draw occurs, that game will be restarted and not counted

    10. Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat

    11. Keep the TO informed on communication with your opponent. Deadline for each round will be 1 week and I can only guarantee a 3 day extension no more than that.

    12. Please do not take advantage of any bugs. I would rather not have to ban anything

    13. If a tie breaker is needed the captains match will be used for it

    14 If by chance a captain can not make the draft they will need to submit a list of the remaining pool players in the order they would like to draft them and on their pick I will pick the highest ranked player from that list for them these will need submitted before the draft starts if not your picks will be skipped and you will have the remaining players added to your team

    Prizes(wulven approvedl)
    Standard prizes +
    500sc 3rd split between the team + 1000 sc for 2nd split between the team + 2000sc for 1st split between the team +
    1st place team earns this custom sleeve

    protour points(approved for points but still hashing out details)
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