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    7 basics of decoration in interior design of homes ***

    Our homes are part of our entity and our personalities and each house has its own spirit and entity in design according to the taste of its owners and their choices for the details of design in the house, but the rules and basic principles in design remain indispensable in the designs of our homes and choice of decorations, get to know them with us in Humify through this article.

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    1- Simplicity and sophistication

    The best of designs is what is said and indicated in the true sense of simplicity is the title of beauty in everything, even in simple architectural designs have a big role in creating beauty inside your home, and it is also one of the basics of interior design for homes that beats beauty, so be careful to follow the element of simplicity in design from choosing patterns Combining them with your choices for furniture and decor pieces make them simple and suitable for the space of the rooms in your home, and always remember whenever you reduce and coordinate in choosing furniture and decorations on the shelves and tables whenever your home looks more beautiful and prestigious.

    2- The primary colors are the basis

    Fashion colors in the coordination and design of homes always change every year, sometimes we find calm pastel colors siting on the throne of designs and sometimes we find neutral colors and sometimes we find dark colors a big role, instead of falling into the trap of choosing the latest fashions of colors in the decoration and implemented in your home and a new season comes and you find That the trend has changed, it is better to use basic and neutral colors such as white, beige and gray, and change the touches of decoration, accessories or pillows according to the most prevalent color shouts, and always remember that the primary colors are always the winning horse in home designs.

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    3- Convenience is an important component
    Convenience is irreplaceable in your home so you can barter for a feeling of comfort in the house in exchange for the acquisition of a piece of furniture or decor you like or the latest trends of decoration, the basis of our homes comfort and a feeling of calm so I make sure to choose comfortable furniture in the rooms of the house, for example, choose sofas and chairs in The living room is spacious and made of strong sponge to feel comfortable in sitting and making your back straight. The same is true in the bedrooms. Choose comfortable beds and cabinets that are comfortable and spacious.

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    4- Privacy in the bedroom
    The bedroom and privacy are two sides of the same coin, when you choose the details of the furniture, decorations, and even the curtains to spread the lighting, I make sure that two important elements are achieved by them, complete comfort and absolute privacy, so choose a comfortable design for the bed and a closet that meets all your needs. The most important thing is privacy, so do not go to choose light curtains that prevent privacy in your home and reveal the room clearly from the windows.

    5- Natural lighting

    The spread of natural lighting in the house is one of the basics that must be taken into account when designing your home, so be sure that the rooms of the house are located under the base of natural lighting in your home and contain windows that help enter the sunlight and natural air, to renew the atmosphere of the home and make it healthy.

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    6- Furniture pieces are the basis

    Furniture pieces are the basis for dividing your home and sometimes they have a big role in separating the rooms of the house in the open spaces, and there is more than one way to stack the furniture pieces and arrange them at the expense of the area of ​​your house that must be taken into account first, for example if the area of ​​your house is small, then Partitioning and stacking L or U-shaped furniture is the most suitable choice for small spaces in the home.

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    7- Last touches

    Finally, I strive to create a balance in the general configuration of your home design so that you feel comfortable, and that the space in your home plays a role in its design and create aesthetic details and refrain from exaggerating the choice of furniture and decorations in large sizes to fill spaces and not leaving an appropriate space in the home that makes its design comfortable.

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    This is pretty handy information provided. Thanks for sharing with us


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