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    Hospital sterilization

    Sterilization of tools is necessary to kill germs and microbes, especially in the chronic conditions of management for human beings and their safety, and the term sterilization and cleaning means the removal or extermination of all microbes in all their forms from the medium to be sterilized, whether that medium is a food environment or different solutions or places or areas limited in its dimensions Or sizes, and sterilization is carried out using methods based on physical, chemical or mechanical grounds.

    Hospital sterilization
    There are many types of sterilization, such as physical sterilization by dry heat or direct flame and alcohol flame, which are sterilized by surgical instruments such as scalpel, forceps, scissors, etc.; chemical sterilization also exists by using water vapor to perform sterilization from hot air, as well as sterilization by 'autoclave and ethyl' It is one of the best means of sterilization, and there are mechanical methods that are separated from the infected germs, microbes or parts using filters or electrical charges.

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    Sterilization of surgical instruments
    Surgical instruments that are used in operations are used by the hospital sterilization team to ensure antivirus and infection control, and sterilization is done using the following procedures.

    Use gloves when sterilizing.
    Use sterile fabrics to dry the tools.
    The tools that are sterilized must be free from all substances, such as blood or organic tissue, which the tools are dry and free of mineral deposits, as they may cause severe damage.
    Ultrasonic cleaning after grooming and rinse for 30 seconds until dry.
    When disinfecting the tools, the manufacturer must instruct and enter the sterilization in hospital before performing surgery.
    Place the sterilization indicator in each carton or inside every wrapped package.
    All tools are separated during sterilization.
    Care must be taken that medical devices are open so that they can be sterilized.

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    Surgical operating room tools
    They are medical tools specially designed for surgical operations, and operations are not performed without them and doctors cannot do without them and they are important, and companies manufacture them as a stand-alone industry, and the most important of these tools:

    Shears, which are often different from normal shears.
    Tissue and sewing tweezers.
    Lancets and blades.
    Sewing needles together are many types.
    Towel holders.
    Needle holders.
    Cotton pads.

    Sterilization of surgical rooms and preparation of surgical rooms
    The operating room can be a scary place with unfamiliar equipment and people wear strange clothes, but most often it has a nursing team with surgeons in charge of surgeries and their number ranges from 1 to 3.

    There is also an anesthesia team assigned to anesthetize the patient prior to the operation, in addition to the sterilization team in charge of sterilizing surgical instruments and an operating room, provided that the room has all the necessary needs and supplies of towels, gauze and cotton. Here is a simple description of the operating room during the procedure:

    Operating room lights above the table to provide bright light, without shadows, during surgery.
    Anesthesia machine on top of operating table.
    Patient-installed breathing apparatus for oxygen supply.
    The table on which surgical instruments are attached.
    Electronic screen to measure heart rate.
    A patient's finger pulse measuring device to measure the amount of oxygen contained in the blood.
    If surgery is required, a heart-lung machine or other specialized equipment may be brought into the room.

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    Prepare the patient before surgery and put the patient in the operating room
    The patient is contacted prior to the operation to give the necessary instructions, and this can be done by the staff from the surgeon's office or the employees in the institution. These instructions include the following:

    Refrain from eating before surgery and sometimes allow some drinks or a snack.
    Taking medications, as the patient is advised to take some of the medications that he recommends as pressure-lowering medications or heart medications, as well as abstaining from other medications may be an effect on the progress of the process.
    Anesthesia of the patient, and this is done either by total or partial anesthesia, and by that the department of anesthesia.
    Leaving personal belongings in the home or in the security department to prevent their loss.
    Alert the patient with personal hygiene.

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    Usually the patient is keen to wear clean underwear, and he also wears the operation gown that is delivered to him by the nursing team and only the part that is required for plastic surgery is covered.

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    Is this even Legal?


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