5 preliminary events, 48 unique players, and many many games have lead to this moment, the first Balor GP Finals!

TJ Downsmash
Hero: Zhanna Mist - Deck Code: 1153905B
Hero: Elementalis - Deck Code: 924228B
Hero: Moonstalker - Deck Code: 1514596B

TJ Inevitable
Hero: Baduruu - Deck Code: 533851B
Hero: Boris - Deck Code: 533029B
Hero: Zhanna - Deck Code: 1053998B

Kratos Dthbrngr
Hero: Victor Heartstriker - Deck Code: 1693817B
Hero: Moonstalker - Deck Code: 1284164B
Hero: Garth Ravensoul - Deck Code: 1893709B

SET Colosal
Hero: Amber Rain - Deck Code: 983274B
Hero: Lance - Deck Code: 964236B
Hero: Zaladar - Deck Code: 565021B

TJ dubdub
Hero: Loest - Deck Code: 754376C
Hero: Banebow - Deck Code: 623553B
Hero: Lance - Deck Code: 1194013B

SET Vanity3
Hero: Lance - Deck Code: 974126B
Hero: Baduruu - Deck Code: 613872B
Hero: Elementalis - Deck Code: 873928B

Hero: Baduruu. - Deck Code: 704546B
Hero: Lance - Deck Code: 1173886B
Hero: Amber - Deck Code: 1553187B

Hero: Lance - Deck Code: 1244105B
Hero: Victor - Deck Code: 1643689B
Hero: Vess - Deck Code: 914783B

Finals Format:

  • Bo3 Double elim Conquest
  • Players submit 3 decks, and ban one of their opponents decks at the beginning of each round
  • When a player wins with a deck, they must not use that deck for the rest of the round
  • Loser may switch to an available, unbanned deck
  • Game 1 is random start, loser of previous game decides who goes first in the next game
  • Draws/Sync Error = Replay
  • Disconnect = Game loss for disconnecting player unless both players agree otherwise