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    [TJ jonmaciel] Mighty Eladwen

    Eladwen's ability is both damage and control to an opposing ally. At 4 damage, this is often not enough to kill bigger allies. The 2 turn freeze does buy some time but, ideally, we should kill the ally every time. We'll pair her ability with Sword of Might. Against an opposing ally of cost 4 or less, this is a 6 damage combo. For opposing allies of cost 5 or greater, this is an 8 damage combo. This is more than enough. We'll then pair that Sword of Might usage with more single target spells - Fireball and Shadowbolt. Shadowbolt will also allow us to use Eladwen's ability more frequently.

    This usage means it is not ideal to use Amulet of Conjuring as our draw so we will stick with Tainted Oracle and Tome of Knowledge as our draw. Next we will fill up the deck with different types of tech and the usual Aldon the Brave.

    CORE (12)

    4x Fireball - Standard 4 fire damage spell
    4x Shadowbolt - Opposing allies only; starts of 5 electric damage and builds up; accelerates SE
    4x Sword of Might - 2/4 weapon with +2 damage when attacking opp ally of cost 5 or greater

    DRAW (8)

    4x Tainted Oracle - Draw 2 cards when killed; watch out for Stun Turret
    4x Tome of Knowledge - Standard 2cc draw 1

    TECH (8)

    2x Artful Squire - Destroy Stun Turrets, opposing draw engines, Warrior weapons, Book of Curses, GLS, IGG
    2x Ley Line Nexus - Destroy TKP, Anklebreaker, Baduruu weapons
    2x Braxnorian Soldier - Very strong Lance tech, Viska tech, Ravager zealot
    2x Kion the Magnificent - Stealth tech, very strong ally overall with damage reduction

    OTHER (3)

    4x Cinderborn Fatebreaker - Block Ele attachments, Gambit, FP, Priest attachments, Shriek, SL
    3x Aldon the Brave - Standard 3cc human ally
    4x Layarian Seductress - Standard 3cc human ally; watch your resources

    Deck Code: 1022634B

    This deck doesn't feel top tier in the tests I've done but it feels like a strong start. I'd love to see what other variations people have for this Core!
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    Quote Originally Posted by starval View Post
    This deck doesn't feel top tier in the tests I've done but it feels like a strong start.
    At this point with Eladwen, that is the best we can hope for. I hate Kion with every fiber of my being and would never play it against a human opponent, so in my variant, he is exiled from my deck forever and replaced with another high-cost ally, that boosts your other allies: Gunther, General of Balor. But the deck looks fun and I certainly play it!


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