Each player must submit a main deck between 39+hero and 80+hero cards.

A 8 card sideboard will also need to be submitted with the main deck.

Decks will be made public before the start of round 1.

Double Elimination brackets with BO5 rounds

The first TWO games of each round must be played with the main deck that is submitted with no changes.
After game 2, players may use cards from their sideboards and make changes after each game.

Decks size must remain the same after sideboarding. If your main deck is 45+hero cards then the deck must be 45+hero cards after sideboarding as well.

FTA: Game 1 random. For the remaining games the player who lost the previous game decides who starts the next

Games tied are replayed with the same player going first

Deadlines and brackets will be updated via telegram chat

DEADLINES ARE FIRM. Extreme circumstances will be considered, but don’t expect any extensions. If a deadline passes, the TO will review any evidence presented regarding who is to blame.

ALL DECISIONS ARE FINAL. Any excessive arguing or complaining can and will result in being removed/muted from the tourney chat and removed from the tournament. Any issues should be brought up via PM.

RESULTS MUST BE REPORTED IN THE TOURNEY THREAD. Tracking down results in Telegram chats can be very time consuming. I ask you to take the few extra seconds to post them in the tourney thread to make things go smoother.

Prolonged, unannounced inactivity may result in a round loss or being removed from the tourney. Communicate with the TO and/or your opponent if you plan to be offline for several days.

In the event of tournament rules (fta rules, deck constraints, hero choice, etc.) are broken, it is an automatic game loss, unless the opponent agrees to replay.

If a player disconnects during a game, then they must take the game loss unless the opponent agrees to replay. Sync errors should be replayed with the same conditions (fta, deck composition, etc.)

Repeat warnings will not be given for misgivings in chat. Light trash talk is to be expected, but slander, badgering, and harassment in chat will be met with your removal from the chat and / or event.

Deadline for signups and deck submissions: April 5th 11:59 pm GMT+0.

I will be submitting my deck early to a trusted person TBA. I'll announce when I have sent it to them and then I will be receiving the rest of the decks. So don't send me your deck before I make the announcement in the telegram chat.