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    Looks fantastic. The economics/rewards likely need adjusting, but starting with gold is safer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle View Post
    I'm pleased to reveal details about the new Daily Quest system, and the new screen flow!
    Great to see this instituted. The UI is in need of an update and extra incentive to play might help boost numbers.

    Most of the names of the quests are pretty uninspired though. Below are some alternate suggestions:

    Killer - No Prisoners
    Spellcaster - Prodigy if going for something serious, or Willing and Able for a weak-ass pun (which is what this game is about judging by card quotes )
    Player - Card Shark. Or Playa. Yeah, definitely Playa.
    Hero Abilities - Heroic, or "If You Keep Touching It, It Will Fall Off"
    Take Arms - "To Arms!", or Arsenal
    Rush - Aggression
    Fatties - Heavy Hitter
    Damaging - Gah, can't think of anything good for this right now but it needs work.
    4 Wins - Four of a Kind? Make these specific to various formats and have a different name for each (as in beantankbean's comments below).
    Hunter or Warrior - Bow & Blade
    Hunter or Mage - Tricks & Traps
    Mage or Priest - Power & Piety
    Priest or Wulven - Feral & Fair
    Wulven or Rogue - Midnight Snack
    Rogue or Elemental - Sparks & Shadows
    Elemental or Warrior - Shock & Awe
    Warrior or Priest - Hammer & Anvil

    Some of these are still pretty goofy, but you get the idea; its a chance to add some flavour/inject a little humour.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle View Post
    Any ideas for more?
    Pyromaniac - set 15 targets ablaze/inflict 50 fire damage.
    Cold Blooded - freeze 15 targets/inflict 50 ice damage.
    Toxicologist - poison 15 targets/inflict 50 poison damage.
    Electrician - inflict 50 lightning damage. Or maybe: summon 100 sparks (kudos tman for the inspiration )
    Feral - inflict 75 claw damage.
    Duelist - inflict 75 sword damage.
    Attachment Issues - summon 20 attachments.
    Scorched Earth - remove 3-5 locations from play (covers effects that don't destroy locations, as most exile or move the location elsewhere).
    Arsonist - destroy 10 Artifacts.
    Kleptomaniac - steal X cards from your opponent.
    Soloist/Nigel No-friends - win a game without playing any allies (perhaps restrict this to Campaign mode so as not to encourage stall decks in QM )
    Bridge Troll - win a game with Toll Bridge and Eternal Troll in play.

    The last two are more indicative of an achievements system, but baby steps.

    Quote Originally Posted by beantankbean View Post
    100g Conquest - Win a Campaign Match
    100g Meltdown - Win a Meltdown Match
    Yeah, encourage the formats you want people engaged with. For the Campaign, make it Five 1-star wins/Three 2-star wins/One 3-star win, or something similar. For PvP, up the rewards and number of wins to encourage more action in the desired format.

    Quote Originally Posted by tman507 View Post
    1,000 SC: Snake Master: Summon 100 Fire Snakes.
    Haha. +1. Except call it Snake Charmer

    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Morrison View Post
    100g Spiritualist - Heal 15 damage
    100g Craft - Summon 10 artifacts
    100g Traveller - Summon 5 locations
    100g Tough choices - Discard 15 cards you own from anywhere
    100g Banishing Act - Exile 5 cards
    100g One-shot - Deal 12 or more damage to a hero or ally in a single turn
    100g Sleight of Hand - Play 10 cards you do not own
    These are all great.

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    It seems that Kyle never read in game mails
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    Sorry to necro an old thread, but there's some good ideas from an old forum discussion:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle View Post

    Discussion is welcomed before this feature goes live in the next few days!
    Will the update include any new features beyond the daily quests? I noticed it's been two weeks since this announcement so curious if you've got any other cool features coming?


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