I'm pleased to reveal details about the new Daily Quest system, and the new screen flow! Although these features have really been "completed" awhile ago, the final integration and polish are always tricky. The last 1% takes 99% of the time, as they say!

After you log in, you will start on the Main Menu screen. The latest news is presented in a more aesthetically pleasing way that shows off our great artwork. The main launching points are super easy to find: campaign, deck, multiplayer and merchant.

On each of those screens, the top header remains in place at all times for easy navigation.

At the bottom, the progress of your daily quests is shown. Each day, you will have 3 randomly selected quests. You also have 1 chance each to request a different one. Completing all quests before the day ends will award you 25sc.

100g Patience - Draw 30 cards.
100g Killer - Kill 25 allies.
100g Spellcaster - Play 20 abilities.
100g Summoner - Summon 20 allies.
100g Player - Play 30 cards.
100g Noble Sacrifice - Sacrifice 15 cards.
100g Time Flies - Take 20 turns.
100g Hero Abilities - Use a hero ability 5 times.
100g Take Arms - Summon 5 weapons.
100g Defensive - Summon 5 armor.
100g Rush - Play 25 cards that cost 3 or less.
100g Fatties - Play 5 cards that cost 5 or more.
150g Damaging - Do 100 damage.
150g 4 Wins - Win 4 games with any hero.
150g Hunter or Warrior - Win 2 games with a Hunter or Warrior hero.
150g Hunter or Mage - Win 2 games with a Hunter or Mage hero.
150g Mage or Priest - Win 2 games with a Mage or Priest hero.
150g Priest or Wulven - Win 2 games with a Priest or Wulven hero.
150g Wulven or Rogue - Win 2 games with a Wulven or Rogue hero.
150g Rogue or Elemental - Win 2 games with a Rogue or Elemental hero.
150g Elemental or Warrior - Win 2 games with an Elemental or Warrior hero.

Any ideas for more? And since it's all server-side, there also exists the possibility for different quests based on your specific hero or level. It can avoid "Priest or Wulven" if it knows you don't have those heroes. Or you have a Hunter hero? It can make a "Play 5 traps" quest available.

Discussion is welcomed before this feature goes live in the next few days!