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    Beginner's guide to aggro weapon based hero

    I build the following 2 decks together and they are both very effective in the current meta.

    Hero: Gwenneth Truesight

    Allies (17):
    4x Layarian Knight
    2x Masked Bandit
    3x Aldon the Brave
    4x Layarian Seductress
    4x Snowland Spotter

    Abilities (15):
    3x Pack an Extra
    4x Retreat!
    4x Bad Santa
    4x Hunter's Gambit

    Items (7):
    4x Weevil-tipped Crossbow
    1x Night Prowler
    2x Soul Seeker

    = 40 cards

    Hero: Amber Rain

    Allies (16):
    2x Yari Bladedancer
    4x Layarian Knight
    3x Aldon the Brave
    3x Fleet-footed Messenger
    4x Layarian Seductress

    Abilities (17):
    4x Crippling Blow
    4x Retreat!
    4x Bad Santa
    1x Desperate Tactics
    4x Blood Frenzy

    Items (6):
    4x Jeweler's Dream
    2x War Flail

    = 40 cards

    Both decks follow the same path: high draw, cheap cards and high weapon damages. Consistency is key.

    Below is a breakdown on card choices:

    6x 2cc allies: With the high amount of draw/cantrip cards, 6 copies of 2cc allies provide a good start of your early game.

    4 bad santa + 4 draw cards (Blood Frenzy/Gambit) + 3 cantrips (Fleet-footed Messenger /Pack an Extra): 11 draw cards in a 39 cards deck is extremely high. Getting through your deck quickly and cycle to the key cards asap.

    4 Seductress + 4 Retreat: Your key control cards that earns you a lot of tempo. Donít be afraid to retreat a Nathians, Bad Santa will equalize the card advantage later. The reason why this deck is good is because of the 4 Retreats where the meta is full of big heavy allies. Punish them with 2/3cc control cards and keep punching damages to face. Amber also has access to
    Crippling Blow which adds to the mix.

    6 weapons: With the high amount of draw/cantrip cards, I found that 6 copies of weapons is the optimal count for both decks.

    1 surprise card: Night Prowler / Desperate Tactics can disrupt your opponent plan or becomes the finisher of the game. They provide diversity to your deck. Only 1 copy is good enough.

    Game plan:
    Keep the board under control and punch as much damages to face asap. You donít have to remove every allies your opponent plays. Remember to count for lethal 1-2 turns ahead.


    Gwen is better against aggro and weapon based deck whilst Amber is better against others.

    The Amber deck sacrifice item removal (smashing bow) and life gain (enrage) for extra consistency means you need to be very aggressive.

    Even though the decks are good for beginners, they are also good at higher level of playing because of the extremely high consistency and aggro game plan.

    Good luck have fun.

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    I can arest to how strong that gwen is. Having just played vs seadog using it.
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    Great breakdown of the playstyle!

    Design Team Leader

    Check out this thread for some awesome articles and guides.

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