I haven't posted a deck for a while so figured I would do one for fun.

Boris is a hero that I originally played way back when I started, so I decided to re-visit him since I hadn't really played him much since the beginning of Lost Lands

Hero: Boris Skullcrusher (43 cards)

Ally (26):
4x Yari Bladedancer
4x Fuzam, Yari Blademaster
3x Aldon the Brave
4x Braxnorian Weaponsmith
4x Tainted Oracle
4x Yari Marksman
2x War Giant
1x Nathanias, People's Champion

Ability (10):
4x Crippling Blow
2x Bad Santa
4x Blood Frenzy

Item (6):
3x Pithing Spear
3x Gemstone Javelin

Deck Code: 633340B

As you can see, there's nothing fancy going on here. Fuzam, Blade Dancer, Aldon and Pithing Spear make sure you have a decent start, allowing you to take out most 2 drops and take the board early on. With 6 weapons in the deck it made a lot of sense to have the weaponsmith in there, although the full playset might not be needed.

Generally you are just playing to the board and disrupting your opponent with the plethora of different ways to take out allies, and the boost in SE from Pithing Spear allows you to have better uptime on your hero ability. Weapons and armour can sometimes be problematic, but often time you should be able to fight through with your weapons and a couple of allies.

Rounding off the curve we have a Nathanias and a pair of War Giants. With 26 allies in the deck, Nathanias will net you a free ally drop a lot of the time, allowing you to keep board presence in grindy games, especially if you hit something with an ETB effect. War Giant is somewhat of a powerhouse in the later stages of ally based matchups, and also allows you to fight through weapons without suffering too much for it.

It has been suggested that this kind of build suits Logan more, honestly I feel like that comes down to preference, I happen to prefer Boris' ability aswell as having access to some of the human allies like Aldon and Tainted Oracle.

As I said, nothing fancy, just thought I'd share since its different to the usual TKP haste builds I am used to playing. Feel free to try it, improve it and make it your own, even tell me it's trash!

Have fun, enjoy!