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    Soothjaw interacting with wulven

    My question is something I really don't understand. Soothjaw states "When a friendly wulven ally is killed.."

    What constitutes a wulven ally? Does it have to have the tagline "Wulven Ally" or does any "Shadow Ally- Wulven" get shuffled into my deck when it dies and interacts with Soothjaw.

    TLDR; Does Soothjaw's ability only activate with cards that posses the tagline "Wulven Ally", or will any dying wulven trigger the effect?

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    It will trigger draw if the ally has Wulven alignment, which means it draws both from "Wulven Ally - Wulven" and "Shadow Ally - Wulven", and in case of Dark Riding Hood, "Neutral Ally - Wulven. In the future, if Wulven class gets allies from different alignment than Wulven, we will need to make that distinction, but for now it works as is.
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    Also, it specifically states “when killed IN COMBAT”

    So, the ally must die taking combat damage not ability damage. I think the only weird interaction with this is if an ally is killed with Mind Control, it will not go back to your deck. However, if Soothjaw is killed with mind control, it will. I could be wrong but I feel like that’s what I remember.

    I’m sure you got this part down. It was mostly to help any new players that might also come across this post.
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