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    Quote Originally Posted by SET Colosal View Post
    You are drowning in a glass of water. These days any smart phone can handle those 3 apps opened. I have a tablet from 2013 and it works fine, imagine people in pc, mac or new smart phones. Also you just need to open the bracket once to check your opponent, same for telegram, you just contact your opponent at the start and from then you can talk in the in game chat.
    A lot of players want the automated tournaments (I personally don't cause the most beautiful about this game is fan made comeptitions) but your reasons to abandon competitive scene are kinda lame in my opinion.
    You are totally right. This is very imo of my part. But it is not normal that the game needs 2 other entities to run a tournament, it is not a question of being up to date on technology or not. With all due respect, what is good for one is not necessarily good for all, and I believe that it can slow down many people. Nothing prevents having fun with friends for those who want it outside of a fully automated tournament. Just as an example, I use a free internet phone number and telegram doesn't allow me to get in touch with anyone. Many of us may not understand English perfectly. tournaments last longer because it's less efficient. And some do not want to live with the toxicity of others. No thanks, I just want to play. a fully automated tournament is just a bonus and takes nothing away from anyone


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