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    Turncoat vs A Legend Rises

    My game (BT Nomen Nescio) vs Francis18.
    My opp played (turn 10) turncoat on my Foe, so my Dragnis to the right was taking 2dmg every turn +1dmg from poison. I played (turn 12) A Legend Rises on Dragnis to prevent turncoat dmg and it worked that way. But after thinking about it, I'm not sure if ALR should prevent Dragnis from taking 2dmg. Turncoat says that this ally with it deals that dmg to adjecent allies, so the source of dmg isn't turncoat.
    Is it a bug or is the attachment the source of dmg?

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    That is a bit of weird one and I'm with you on not exactly knowing what the answer is. It's a bit of an odd case, as usually the "immune to attachments" effect involves attachments on the ally itself (like if your opponent had put Crippling Blow on Drangis). But this is regarding an attachment on another ally, so I'm not exactly sure how it should work.
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    If an enemy attachment has an area of effect, the ally with A Legend Rises will be immune to that effect even if that enemy attachment isn't on the same ally as ALR.

    All damage in Shadow Era is sourced back to an ally or hero, so abilities and items aren't the source of damage. However, they still enable that effect as is the case with Turncoat, thus your Drangis with ALR is immune to damage from ally with Turncoat on.

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    Veles with the awesome explanation as always.

    I just read and nod my head. Yup! Exactly what I was going to say...

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