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    Creativity vs Competiveness

    (Let me start with a little warning... My english is horrible, but hope some people still try to read my post and share their opinion)

    Few minutes ago: I started the Shadow Era App & saw direct someone rage-ing at the ingame chat...

    His problem was that everyone ( of course expect him) would netdeck and use the same decks over and over. Me someone who spend 60%+ of my shadow era time with the deckbuilder was direct a bit triggered, so i looked up his matches & saw he used mostly an undead Raikka on the last days.
    I told him that undead Raikka with some new LL cards isn't something special or hyper creative... His answer where simply that people doesn't use Raikka often & then the continues to complain.

    So now my question... Can we call an old deck, just because of few new cards really creative? (Just add new card, no real new combos etc)
    - If no, is it okay to being non-creative if you becomes so more an competive player?
    - If yes, where starts creativity? If i build (as example) my complete own Lance Templar because i know Lance + Templar works good, are i'm then already an creative deckbuilder?

    Btw, shout out to seedog... I really like your decks. Probably because whenever i make a new deck, i notice later that you made already an really similar one Btw congratulation, guess the majority of new good deck threads here are from you.
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    I saw the convo in global and would surprise you to know how many of kids complaining about netdecking you can find.
    First of all there is nothing wrong in netdecking, specially if you are nit a top tier player. Good decks are there to be used and in a game where you can watch other player's games, netdecking is expected. I'd be proud if one of my decks is top tier and copied by everyone but I guess this doesn't apply to all players. Also you gotta admit the work of netdeckers at copying a deck in a game where you won't find websites with the current meta.

    Second is that creativity isn't so easy in a game with slow development. This pace leads to have a small pool of cards and limited deck building. You'll find a lot of "original" decks that aren't really copies, its creator probably never played against that deck so he thinks he made something new. We have dozens of these supposed deck creators we they actually are playing a common one.

    Third, even when copying a deck, one card swap can make a world of difference with the original. I I know it would be too much calling it your own creation when you only exchange one or two cards but is not so far either. The deck's curve can bring it from top tier to crap and sometimes a netdeckers fixes a deck that the original creator couldn't.

    The best way of dealing with this is letting these kids complain like a 8 year old that don't want to share his toys. Focus in you having fun and keep deck building whatever you want or netdecking, which is fine too.


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