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    [RS Seadog] Sceptor Zhanna

    I have been playing MTG Arena recently and just back to SE for a while.

    For one thing I have noticed is that control decks in MTG is super strong. Esper Hero was one of the top decks that make use of individual high value cards and win by exhausting your opponent.

    The main components of the deck is based on:
    1. Draw
    2. Heal
    3. Discard/limit your opponent draw/destroy opponents permanents (anything that generates card advantages)

    In SE, the closest thing you can get is priest. Even though they donít have access to discard, priests have the best draw and healing ability in game.

    There are no powerful planewalkers in SE, therefore we use big allies instead.

    I have particularly included the Vergon combo. Though it was nerfed for a while but a combo that gives you draw+heal+2 bodies is still very good. Itís a late game combo. In case you draw duplicate copies early game, just keep one each and sacrifice the rest of them.

    My first version used plague as a surprise element (trying to play the role of Teferi in MTG) but was not quite successful. My second version used Life-Infusing Sceptor which gives a lot of value. The weapon is already proven good in Zalader deck and it is as good in a Priest deck.

    Nothing gimmicky here, but I am pretty confident that the deck performs well at all levels of game. If you are a new player looking for a solid deck to start with, you may end your search here.

    Hero: Zhanna Mist

    Allies (30):
    4x Devoted Knight
    3x Tainted Oracle
    4x Vera, High Priestess
    4x Ergon, Grand Inquisitor
    4x Knight of the Crimson Dusk
    3x Viska, The Scarlet Blade
    3x Nathanias, People's Champion
    3x Adlard the Just
    2x Kion the Magnificent

    Abilities (12):
    4x Focused Prayer
    3x Zail's Hymn
    4x Tidal Wave
    1x Mass Purification

    Items (18):
    4x Glass Chalice of Knowing
    3x Book of Curses
    4x Wizent's Staff
    4x Life-infusing Sceptor
    3x The King's Pride

    = 60 cards

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    Lol, Plague canít be Teferi in any case.
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    I've been dabbling with similar control strategies myself, also with Vergon and I have to say I love the idea of scepter to make them stick or in a general utility sense although looking at the list it does seem like like there's some ally overkill here. Thanks for sharing , it sparked a lot of new ideas for me.
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