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    Hong Phong General Clinic Binh Phuoc

    In today's modern society, health care is getting better. Therefore, the need to visit medical examination of people, especially diseases of male and gynecological, is also increasing. This has led to large hospitals often suffering from overloaded patients. Human resources cannot meet the demand for medical examination as well as medical equipment in hospitals are also overloaded.

    Understanding the difficulties and hardships of public hospitals, Hong Phong General Clinic has been established to meet the needs of the people for medical examination and treatment and help reduce pressure on hospitals. With the motto "All for the health of the patients", Hong Phong clinic has been working hard for the health of the Vietnamese community.

    Medical services at Hong Phong General Clinic

    The order does not belong to the medical specialty at that facility. This leads to the patient needing to be transferred to another place for medical examination and treatment, which takes time as well as extending treatment time.

    Understanding that, Hong Phong clinic has built many different specialties, most of them have high proportion of patients, in order to ensure to meet the medical examination and treatment needs of most people.

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    List of services at Hong Phong Clinic:
    - Liver disease.
    - Hemorrhoids.
    - Social diseases.
    - Male disease.
    - Gynecological disease.
    - Safe abortion.

    What makes Hong Phong General Clinic different from the others

    Experienced doctors
    The team of doctors and nurses of Hong Phong Clinic is highly qualified, has worked for many years in the profession, regularly trained in countries with advanced medical care, so make sure that the treatment schedule is implemented in a timely manner. Safe, effective, highest quality.

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    The clinic was built with a large scale and facilities, ensuring to provide a full range of functional rooms to facilitate the most effective examination. Medical examination and treatment spaces are eradicated with bacteria daily, ensuring a safe medical environment and avoiding maximum infection.
    The medical equipment is imported from the most advanced medical countries such as England, France, USA, and some European countries, helping to ensure the most effective diagnosis and treatment. The medical equipment is also made clean aseptically, in accordance with the procedure to ensure absolute safety for patients.

    Quality and flexible medical examination and treatment service
    Coming to Hong Phong clinic, you can book an appointment with the doctor, flexible choice of examination hours from 8:00 - 20:00 all days, including holidays. This way, you will not have to dial the number and wait for the visit, which takes as much time and fatigue as you would at public hospitals.

    Hong Phong Clinic is the leading medical unit in implementing innovation and application of the most modern medical technologies transferred from the countries with the world's leading medical backgrounds, ensuring the effectiveness of medical examination and treatment. The disease reaches the best quality, minimizing errors as well as pain during treatment.

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    Medical examination and treatment expenses
    The cost of medical examination and treatment at Hong Phong clinic is applied in accordance with the regulations issued by the Department of Health. The fee collection system is transparent, transparent and all expenses are notified to patients before treatment.
    With the above-mentioned advantages, Hong Phong Clinic is a reputable and reliable health care address that you can safely send your own health.
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