This was my take on Zal for the past two months. While I am a firm believer that Soul Reaper was/is the glue to this deck concept, This particular decklist came to fruition after the priest rampage that featured Knight and Adlard. I thought Zal would be a good counter to those decks. As it turned out, I was a bit wrong about that particular matchup, but as a whole, the deck actually performed than anticipated. It is a fairly standard decklist, but with Packbeast as a replacement to Soul Reaper and Scepter because of the huge value it offers at 5cc. There are some other choices here like not including Reactorary, but I will leave that as a puzzle of why it is not included

Hero: Zaladar

Allies (18):
4x Ironhide Karash
2x Rampant Krygon
4x Brimstone Devourer
4x Armored Packbeast
4x Falseblood Cultist

Abilities (12):
2x Bad Santa
2x Energy Extraction
3x Shadow Font
4x Mind Control
1x Ley Line Nexus

Items (10):
4x Antimatter
2x Stun Turret
2x Life-infusing Scepter
2x Soulbound Armor

= 41 cards ~ 15860g