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    Balor GP - An Event by BP Ross

    Event Structure

    Balor GP is a 6 month event consisting of FIVE preliminary tournaments and a Grand Final event which will be invitational.

    Players will compete to earn points in the preliminary events, and the top 16 players after all events have completed will be invited to the grand final, where the overall winner will be decided.

    All events will be elimination style Bo3 tournaments, with the Grand Final being Bo5 Double Elimination.

    Round timings will be based on player count.

    Players will receive points according to placement and rounds won:

    1 Point per BYE
    2 Points per round won
    2 points for 3rd Place
    3 points for 2nd Place
    5 points for the winner

    If a player is disqualified for any reason, no points will be awarded.

    You are not required to play every event should you wish not to do so, however to score maximum points it is advised to participate in them all!

    Event Format

    We will be using 2 'Formats' for this event. The first will be the standard format where all cards are playable with the exception of the current ban list. The second format which i am labeling 'Conquest' is an attempt at creating a completely fresh and different metagame. In this format, you may use cards from the campaign set + the 2 most recent sets (SF and LL) ONLY. The reasoning behind this format is a simple one; many of the games staple cards are from CotC and DP, so without that, we should see a very different game and experience a different pace to the standard format.

    Format for each event will alternate:

    Events 1, 3 and 5 will use the Conquest format.
    Events 2, 4 and Grand Finals will use the Standard format.

    Registration and Participation

    Each preliminary event will have a sign up period of 11 days, and games will begin 2 days after registration closes. I will provide a link to a google form for each event that you will fill out in order to register. ONLY PLAYERS REGISTERED WITH THE GOOGLE FORM WILL BE ADDED TO THE BRACKET. Should you have issues using the google form, let me know and I will assist.

    I will also create a telegram room for the purposes of scheduling games.

    A Google doc will be made available to track player points and overall standings.

    The Following Prize Support has been approved by Kyle:
    Preliminary events:
    1st - 3 prize packs, 2 premium packs, 2000SC, unique silver border sleeve
    2nd - 2 prize packs, 1 premium, 1000SC
    3rd - 1 prize pack, 500 SC

    1st - 5 premium, 5 prize, 2500 SC, unique gold border sleeve and playmat
    2nd - 3 premium, 3 prize, 1750SC
    3rd - 1 premium, 2 prize, 1000SC
    1 premium pack for each player who makes it into the finals

    more prizes may be added by myself depending on player count

    Exclusive Silver bordered sleeves for preliminary winners (if player wins more than once this will be awarded to 2nd place/3rd place etc)

    Exclusive Gold bordered sleeves AND playmat for Grand Final winner.

    Links for each sign up page will be posted here when they are ready:

    That's everything, each sign up page will have rules in detail. If there are any questions, you can contact me on telegram @Ross014

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    I know this isn't the sign up thread but here comes anyway... In!


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