As a token holder, I am concerned with the responsiveness of the Shadow Era support team. Requests can go unanswered for days/weeks based on my experience. This is something that needs to be addressed if Shadow Era is going to welcome new players (and keep existing players).

Questions of Kyle and other token holders:
1. Does a support team exist? (meaning anyone beyond Kyle can take action)
2. What expectations should SE players have of the support team? (i.e. response/action within 24 hours?)
3. Is Support an area of concern for SE?

I can only assume the answer to #3 is yes. I've had slow experiences with support (past and current) and I've been told by others they've had similar experiences.

So what can the SE community do to improve in this area?
1. Seek volunteers
2. "Hire" resources

Option #1 is better for the game, but unless the volunteers can be trusted and given access to play a support role, then it won't work.
If there are trusted resources for option 2 that can fill the void, what is the cost? Shadow tokens?

I'm not sure which option is better, but *something* needs to be done. I propose we have a token holder vote for options 1 and 2 after the cost for option 2 can be defined by Kyle.

I welcome the thoughts/opinions of others regarding the SE support team