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    Balor GP Event 3 Sign Up


    1. Conquest format (Campaign + SF + LL only. All heroes are legal)

    2. Single elimination

    3.Bo3 decklock for the whole tournament

    4. Game 1 is random start, loser of each game decides who plays first in the next game.

    5. Draws and Sync errors will be replayed, disconnects will count as game loss unless opponent agrees to replay.

    6. Failure to attend a game may result in a loss unless there is good reason.

    7. Failure to respond to an opponent trying to organise any round will result in match loss unless there is good reason.

    8. Round deadlines will be strict. Extensions may be granted for special cases.

    9. If both parties fail to organise a match, the winner will be decided via coin toss, and the match will be counted as a BYE when awarding points.

    10. Any disputes should be brought to the attention of the TO immediately via pm on telegram @Ross014. Disruptive and toxic behaviour will not be tolerated and the TO reserves the right to eject players from the tournament should they exhibit such behaviour. The TO also reserves the right to pass this power onto any non participating member in case of emergency.

    11. Have fun!

    You must fill in the following Google form in order to participate:

    1st - 3 prize packs, 2 premium packs, 2000SC, unique silver border sleeve
    2nd - 2 prize packs, 1 premium, 1000SC
    3rd - 1 prize pack, 500 SC

    Decks will be checked prior to round 1 and throughout the tournament to ensure legality of your deck. If you submit an illegal deck you will be asked to change it once. Players found to be playing an illegal deck will be given a game loss for the first infraction, and this will upgrade to disqualification for any infraction after that.
    Should you want to change your submitted deck, you will have up until registration closes to do so by PMing me your IGN and new deck code.
    Registration closes on Friday November 1st at 10pm GMT and round 1 will start on Monday 4th. Only players that register via the form will be added to the bracket. If you are having issues doing so, please contact me.

    Once you have submitted your registration, please post here to confirm with your telegram @username. if you don't post your username you will not be added to the dedicated telegram room and may struggle to schedule your games.

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    A1 Quarra

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    I'm in and I'll submit deck later

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    In, I'll make the deck later like Colly lol

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