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    Post Dev update July 31 2019

    Development Progress
    We passed a big milestone recently with completing the work to upgrading to the latest Unity game engine and an overhaul of the special effects system, including adding sound effects everywhere. Playing the game will soon feel much more satisfying!
    There is also a new main landing page and consistent status bar so that you can get to where you need to be much easier.

    These new things are currently scheduled for release in v3.70, most likely by the end of August.

    As a reminder you can follow along with the dev progress at:

    Balance Changes including CotC
    Going all the way back to the first set, we're nearing completion of a huge batch of balance changes to almost 50 cards. This batch will first being going on the public test server in early August, to ensure that everything holds up and its ready for a live release. More information to follow when it's ready!

    Waves gaming portal
    We received word that the Waves gaming portal is finally ready to be released, which will heavily feature Shadow Era blockchain cards and also support direct credit card payments from many countries. Not only will this give us alot more exposure to Waves users, but it will make onboarding of users not already exposed to cryptocurrencies much easier. A special announcement will be made when it goes live. Their promised $30k advertising budget for Shadow Era is also ready to kick in! Update: release date is Aug 8

    Operating Surplus
    Since around April, the game has been operating with a healthy positive cash flow, and saving money for larger investment back into the game. Whether this will take the form of art for new cards, advertising for user acquisition, or something else entirely will be put to the vote for token holders to decide.

    Publishing Opportunity
    Our partnership with Waves has given rise to a few interesting business opportunities. One of them is The Abyss, which has expressed interest in publishing Shadow Era under a non-exclusive, revenue sharing deal where they would handle all the user acquisition. Once all the details are worked out, it will be open for discussion and put to a token holder vote.

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    Dev update July 31 2019

    That all sounds very positive. Will the updated Unity with new effects be part of the testing in early August? This has always been an area where we got tripped up by new bugs/features that screwed over our actual release. It will also give a chance to get feedback on the effects.

    August could really be a great month for testing out all these balance changes and the new bells and whistles added, and it should lead to much community engagement.

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    if possible i would like to make 1 suggestion: after every 20 wins, you'll be awarded with chest and foil, however the statement on top of screen was fading too fast thus most people do not clearly know which foil he/she got. can we rectify this? reuse the chest image+click to open are good start
    same for chest rewarded when completing campaign


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