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    Granted Passive Skill - How it works?

    As far as I can remember, Transmogrification Curse works on every occasion, even on allies that has attachments/support abilities with steadfast (Spontaneous Growth)

    Then when I play Stun Turret, I noticed that it doesn't undo the effect of Ellos' Resolve. However, it does undo Moonstalker stealth ability.

    So can someone explain to me, how are passive skills granted? Why work Trans Curse work but not Stun Turret since both remove passive skills?

    Are passive skills granted every time card is played and then checked at the start of each player's turn? Moonstalker ability seems to be checked only at the start of the turn, that's why Stun Turret can undo it. But attachments seems to be forever in effect as long as it isn't removed or immunized. What about support abilities like Cover of Night (I think it is only check at the start of turn)?

    This is my guess but please explain & correct me if I am wrong.
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