Hey everybody. I made a youtube video of this deck in action, and you can check it out once it is done uploading here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bp2k...ature=youtu.be.

Hero: Amber Rain (45 cards)

Ally (25):
4x Twilight Opportunist
3x Demetreyo, Twilight Extremist
3x Twilight Ritualist
2x Twilight Orphic
4x Braxnorian Weaponsmith
3x Twilight Champion
2x Yari Plunderer
4x Avatar of Twilight

Ability (5):
1x Smashing Blow
4x Blood Frenzy

Item (10):
4x Twilight Eidolon
4x Pathfinder's Machete
2x Jeweler's Dream

Location (4):
4x Lorhon: Twilight Encampment

Deck Code: 943315B

This deck is still a work in progress, and I plan to trim it down to a smaller deck size. All that being said, I've taken it to pop ups and done fairly well, and it has done great in ranked. The idea behind the deck was to make use of Pathfinder's Machete. Amber's ability overrides most boosts, but since Pathfinder's Machete boosts Base Attack, it actually stacks on top. This allows Pathfinder's Machete to be a 4/4 behemoth of a weapon as long as you play it under the location. For 3cc, it's extraordinarily strong when you can pull it off. The best part is that is completely seekable with Braxnorian Weaponsmith.

Some things can go wrong though. If you don't draw into the location when you have your weapon, it becomes a mediocre 1/3. Also, this deck struggles a lot against damage reduction, especially things like Ellos's Resolve, since everything in the deck is combat damage. When things go right though, this can be a monster of a deck, and it is a lot of fun to play. I highly recommend trying it out if you are a fan of Amber.

Comments? Ways to improve the deck? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!