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    Discussion about underplayed cards from SF and LL

    Hi all,

    We've been discussing in DT to do a series of buffs to underplayed cards of SF and LL which we hope in return would also help promote some new strategies and help out lesser played classes.

    For most of these we have pretty clear idea in what direction we want to take them. Some are pure buffs, some are tweaks and we are considering reverting back few cards to pre nerf versions (not Vermin or Sorcerer though). We are interested in your opinion and whether you have your ideas for buffs or some card we might have missed that needs more love as well.

    List of cards we are considering at the moment:

    Living Ice Wall
    Lilyt of Orem
    Dagger of Fate
    Stardust Transfuser
    Axiom the Soulless
    Startleshell Vest
    Gold-Laced Shield
    Midnight Sentinel
    Wooden Spear
    Higher Ground
    By The Sword
    Amethyst Reverie
    Gruesome Brutality
    Dazzling Bravery
    Sosilo: Brothers' Landing
    Rain of Arrows
    Kiruth Devotee
    Twilight Luminary
    Vigilant Wisp
    Rapacious Vermin
    Sorcerer of Endia
    Wulven Prophet
    Layarian Sentinel

    You can see proposed changes in this post:
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