If you're going to change cards from CotC/DP, then I think the top of the list from Wulven pool should be Lone Wolf (and leave the rest, like Full Moon, alone until you see how this impacts).

Reasoning: we never wanted to explicitly encourage solo play, yet this card does so, and the heal over time can be huge. If not for this heal, stalling however many turns would not be productive. It might be enough to simply nerf the heal to 1, but it would be great to swap the effect for something else entirely if you can think of something flavorful and viable.

e.g. When you start your turn while you control no allies, shuffle the bottom Wulven ally from your graveyard into your deck and your hero heals 1 damage.

The ally recycling may open up new builds and certainly they would not be solo ones. Anyone just using in solo builds will get half the heal to before.

I'd be interested to hear other suggestions.