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    Cool Unstoppabull Logan

    G'day mates,

    Would like to share another cheeky fun list.
    Been playing Logan for a while and have slotted together a kinda in your face Logan Stonebreaker deck coming in at 44 cards.
    So here we go..

    Logan Stonebreaker

    3x Yari Bladedancer
    3x Fuzam, Yari Blademaster
    3x Yari Spearman
    3x Braxnorian Weaponsmith
    2x Yari Marksman
    2x Phaedon Barbarian
    2x Nanaya, Yari Conqueror

    2x Valiant Defender
    2x Bad Santa
    3x Desperate Tactics
    4x Blood Frenzy
    1x Enrage

    2x Boomerang
    2x Rusty Longsword
    4x Pithing Spear
    2x Reserve Weapon
    3x Mocking Armor

    Ok so the breakdown.... Yari Bladedancer and Fuzam, who are they? So most people I play nowadays know that linking these 2 together with Logan Stonebreaker will spell certain doom, so they need help, more to come.
    Braxion finds weapons after that his job is done.
    Yari Marksman and Phaedon Barbarian compliment Logan Stonebreaker in keeping active in board control.
    Nanaya, Yari Conqueror she fits well with Logan with weapon buff and if you have 1 ally on the board she actually does something when she arrives.
    Ok so we have to keep the Bladedancer and Fuzam around so in comes 3 Yari Spearman, they can get the job done.. just
    Valiant defender barely helps but against some heroes, again just.
    But, 3 Mocking Armor game just got serious, so just imagine this, the opponent has to hit you twice now to get access to your allies and now Yari Bladedancer and Fuzam, Yari Blademaster shine. The very few times you actually pull this off is great fun because now the weapons get a great buff and Desperate Tactics becomes brutal, try to aim at the hero every time or 2 at hero and 1 at killable ally.
    The selection of weapons is important because at turn 6 potentially 2 cards go down at a time and in all honestly Pithing Spear hardly ever leaves Logan Stonebreakers hands, Boomerang for potential 2 ally kill and good ol' rusty because its actually an ideal play and throw at hero weapon, but usually resourced.
    Most games Pithing Spear is buffed a few times and thrown, usual damage is 7-9 at hero. Coupled now with a Logan Stonebreaker with a few board control options and suddenly getting hit twice with Desperate Tactics and you got an Unstoppabull Logan Stonebreaker.
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