wtf is it with knight of crimson dusk? even after this nerf he will remain seriously op compared to other 5cc allies. 4/6 without no passive abilities would be still very strong, let's compare:
minotaur: 6/6 - due to his drawback of -2 health when killed he is basically usable only with portal
kallista - 3/7 - usable only with tribal + unique
xander - 4/6 same as above
crystal titan - 5/5, his passive ability is meh, rarely used, elementals don't use high cost allies (elementalis has better option of stardust amplyfier)
knight of the golden dawn - 4/6 actually decent ally, but priests have so much better 5cc choices

so now we have an ally with very strong 4/6 stats who has two passive abilities, where the one healing is activated no matter what (either op kills him, or you just tidal him). he is not unique, his health is growing and his abilities do not even limit him to any kind of special deck. Even for 6cc he would be very strong, this guy needs serious nerfing.