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    Doctor´s 8 Players Event, Two-Decks-System for Counterbalance, 05-26-2019 17:30 CEST

    Dr. Strangelove`s Tournament # 1

    Tournament-Organizer: Dr.Strangelove (SE-Forum); iMAVI (in game)
    Date: estimated Sunday, 26. May 2019, CETZ 17:30h.
    Number of Players: 8
    for the see here

    Format: Groups (4⇒2) then Single Elimination (for an Example see here)

    Deck: The official deck building rules apply. Please note the list of banned cards (Into the Forest; Soul Reaper; Lay Low; Crescendo; Armor of Ages). There will be no sideboards.

    Special tournament-rules for more counterbalanced gameplay/Two-Decks-System:
    Each player chooses two decks with fixed deck-lists to sign up for the tournament. The decks can be switched under certain conditions (loose or draw) between the rounds of a match.

    (For the detailed reglement see below, in particular Nr. 2)

    Rules and Standards

    1. General: Best of three. Random starts at game one and three.

    2. Deck-Choices: At the beginning of a match each player chooses one of his signed up decks. After each round the loser may change to his second deck – provided that the player wishes so.

    e.g.: Cathleen signed up with Lance [deck a)] and Victor Heartstriker [deck b)]; Paul signed up with Majiya [deck a)] and Moonstalker [deck b)].

    Round one: Cathleen chooses deck a); Paul chooses deck a). Cathleen wins. Now Paul has the opportunity to change to deck b) for round two; Cathleen has to stick with deck a).

    Round two: Cathleen has to play deck a); Paul switched to deck b). Paul wins. Now Cathleen has the opportunity to change to deck b) for round three; Paul has to stick with deck b).

    Round three: Cathleen decides to keep at deck a); Paul has to play deck b).

    3. Draws: Draws are counted as a win for each party. After a draw each player may choose to change to his second deck.
    After a second draw [result would be 2:2] there will be a third game. After three draws in a row the winner is chosen by lot.

    4. Disconnection during a game: If a player is disconnected during a game, the victory goes to the other player unless both players agree to replay or a player concedes.

    5. Reporting results: Match results must be reported in the tournament Telegram channel. The tournament-organizer will upload the results on the tournament-website on

    6. Getting a BYE: If there are players who get a BYE, they need to send a personal message to the tournament-organizer on Telegram before round one starts.

    7. Bugs: If there is a bug in the game, the game must be restarted unless both players agree to continue. Repeating bugs for the third time will result in a loss for the player, which the bug originated from.

    8. Showing up late: If a participant fails to show up to the first match 10 minutes after the popup has started, he gets disqualified.
    In other cases a participant shows up late for a match the tournament-organizer can utter a warning for misconduct (for more see below, Nr. 10).
    Exceptions can be made if the tournament-organizer gets informed beforehand.

    9. Pauses: The tournament-organizer can decide to pause the tournament in order that players can take refreshments, use the toilette, to settle a difference between players or for other exigency. The reasons for the break will be conveyed on Telegram.

    10. Warnings and Disqualifications for Misconduct:
    The tournament-organizer can be utter warnings for misconduct. Cases of misconduct are in particular:
    - Showing up late for a game
    - Insulting another player or other cases of rude remarks
    - Unreliability relating to communication that is inevitable for the tournaments well-ordered process
    - Failing to follow instructions of the tournament-organization for repeating times.

    After three warnings the tournament-organizer can disqualify a player for further misconduct.
    A player can be disqualified in the following cases of misconduct:
    - Contravening the regulations of deck-constructing (e.g.: use of banned cards)
    - Using a deck that was not signed up for the tournament or alter a deck during the tournament
    - Showing up late to a match for more than 10 minutes

    According to his best judgement the tournament-organizer can desist from disqualifying a player if there are moderate alternatives to compensate the misconduct.

    11. Obligation for Disclosing Decklists: In cases of reasonable suspicion of misconduct a player can be requested to disclose the card-lists of the signed up decks. Counteractions can be entailed warnings or disqualification.

    Important Information for Players

    Please sign in on the tournaments for advance notification or send me a personal message via the Shadow-Era-Forum or Telegram. Players will be preferred in order of there chronological sign up.
    If there should be any changes to the tournaments date, it will be announced early.

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    3:30 pm GMT 0 for those that don't know CEST time.

    Sounds fun, it's a difficult time for me but I'll try to join. Good luck in the organization!

    Edit: One advice to help organizing, you should make a telegram account. Most of competitive players are in the telegram official SE rooms. Make an account and look for @catvanpaton
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    I have already a Telegram account. See for @iMAVI
    As soon the requested prices are confirmed by the board, I will also post the Event in the Telegram official SE Chatrooms.

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    Team Juggernauts Recruitment Thread

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