Is there too much hero?

No doubt because it is interesting to have a diversie but at what price? Some heroes have a synergy, a combo and others have absolutely nothing. One of my favorite heroes is Vess Swifthands. If have looked at his ability he is considered the master of attachments. And yet, there is no card created for this hero and no synergy in that way. You have the priests: a healer, a purifier and a paladin who are by far the best base attachment hero. Rather than creating cards in the sense of these heroes you have given them all the attachment side with cards like Zailen Scholar, Templar Adventist, Zailen Crusader, General Of Unaxio, Incense Of Atonement, Tome Of Blessing, Life-Infusing Scepter, For Unaxio, Divine Connection, Arada jewels, Embers Of The Just, and more. Not to mention neutral or human cards. Vess has Braxnorian Veteran, Lythite Coating and some neutral or shadow cards that look nothing like Radiant Wisp, Mystic Of The Vale and many other human cards. Short! Many heroes need a lot of love and many more should be more conceptual like Zhanna Mist who is one of the masters of attachment under a healer hat.