Introducing the integraded card market, where you can buy, sell, and even trade blockchain cards from one place! You can easily see the number of each type of card at a glance.

It also includes a fully featured card filter, just like in the deck builder, so you can find what you're looking for much more easier.

And we're excited to announce for the first time, the mythical "Sell Extras" button! It will automatically sell normal cards that you have more than 4 copies of (or more than 1 of heroes), with options to also sell extra foils, and to sell normal cards that you have foil versions of. A quick way to clean up your library and get some extra gold!

So how does the blockchain card exchange work? It's a secure centralized exchange done on the blockchain, with prices and fees in SHDW without the need for extra currencies like Waves or BTC.

  • Place your order to sell or buy at quantity and price you want.
  • The cards or full price is sent to the central server along with your order.
  • If there is a match, you will receive the results of your order right away.
  • Otherwise, your order will remain until it is filled or cancelled.
  • Fees are 0.3 SHDW per card, to cover the cost of the blockchain transactions. Remaining fees are paid even if you cancel the order.

All this great stuff is coming in the next release, due out in a few days.

So what's up next for the dev team? The new guys have been getting up to speed with working on all the balance changes including a ton of old CotC and other changes that should really shake things up. Once the design team has a chance to test things out a bit, it will be hitting the live server pretty quickly.
The rest of the LL set is also being coded up, shhhhh
The Waves team is still finishing off their gaming portal, so their pledge of $30k worth of marketing budget for Shadow Era is still tied to that and delayed a bit more. But you might have noticed the shiny new landing page on, it also includes behind it a bunch of analytics and install tracking and attributing users to marketing campaigns, and all that marketing goodness.

And now we're starting perhaps the most drastic and exciting change in the game's history: updating the gameplay to be more streamlined and quick, with a modern feel, complete with a new set of special effects and ... dare I say it... sound effects! Look for dev videos as we dig into this!