It's been a while since the last deck I've shared here but I felt like it so here I am.

Why a ping based deck? Because of that one card, which was my first rare card found in a daily chest, Aural Battery. It's like making a childhood dream come true. I've been trying to build a Battery deck for a while and here's the result:

Hero: Zaladar (43 cards)

Ally (22):
3x Ironhide Karash
4x Feasterling
2x Infernal Gargoyle
3x Death Mage Thaddeus
2x Rampant Krygon
4x Brimstone Devourer
4x Falseblood Cultist

Ability (14):
2x Bad Santa
2x Energy Extraction
4x Shadow Font
4x Mind Control
2x Ley Line Nexus

Item (6):
4x Antimatter
2x Aural Battery

Deck Code: 473631B

What you will find here: always a lot of ping damage, both from hand and from the board. The standard game is always like this: early board control and face damage if possible, then keep hitting face and MCing fatties until the game ends. Most of the times I win just one turn away from the opponent's last turn, it feels so good lol.
Some adjustments could be made, maybe +1 Battery, -3 Karash and +2 Bandit. I haven't tried using the new cards because I'm lazy af but they don't seem to combo too well with the discard theme or the ping damage theme. Maybe I should get rid of discard and rebuild the deck from scratch but as I've already said, I'm too lazy.