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    What are your thoughts on current balance of the game?

    Let's try to have some constructive discussion about this great card game!

    Based on your recent experiences of playing in Rated Multiplayer over the past month or so ...

    Do you think any class/hero/card is too strong right now?

    Is balance generally excellent/great/okay/poor/terrible?

    Please do not attack other posters and just share your own experiences and observations.

    Bonus marks for sharing the heroes you've been playing.

    Thanks in advance!

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    The balance in this game has always been it's Forte. I played a lot of other CCG and they always ruin balance to make money.
    What I'm seeing lately is the "nerfing everything" policy every time there is a strong hero or deck instead as it was the only answer. Nerfing cards or decks isn't bad but you can balance the game by buffing other cards too so you level down the problematic cards and at the same time you bring back old forgotten cards.

    About if a hero is too strong? I have to agree with everyone that Priest class has an advantage over the rest, specially Jericho and it's attachment deck.


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